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.....be thou an example of the believers...1 Timothy 4:12

Around the turn of the century in rural Tennessee an old man crippled with arthritis was very faithful in his assembling with the saints. Twice on Sunday and on Wednesday nights a little girl watched from her window as the old man with his cane painfully made his way down to the little church on the corner. One Sunday morning following a snow storm, the little girl ran to her window and looking out exclaimed, “Surely the old man will not go to church this morning.” But there he was, right on schedule, plodding very cautiously through the snow.

The little girl could not contain herself any longer. She just had to visit the little church to see what possibly could be there that would bring the old man out on such an inclement morning. The rest is history. The little girl was impressed by the services there that morning and a short time later became a Christian. After high school she enrolled in a Christian college and while there she met a fine young Christian boy whom she later married. To this union a son was born who was to become one of the finest gospel preachers. This brother during his ministry has literally led thousands to Christ.

The old man went to his reward never realizing just what an impact he had made for the cause of Christ. Because of his godly influence many will go into heaven with him. There can be no greater joy than to reach heaven and to her someone say, “I am here because you have shown me the way.”(copied)

Some of you have children and grandchildren --- you better stop and think about where your example is leading them. We only get one chance to get it right and we are accountable for our actions. Hopefully we will lead them to Christ. - From David Stone's 'Morning Manna'

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