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What Do You Get
Out of Church?
Author Unknown
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Have you heard the story of Jim Smith and Ron Jones?

Jim went to church one Sunday morning. He heard the organist miss a note, and he winced.

He saw a teen talking when everyone else was praying.

He felt certain the usher was watching to see what he put in the offering plate, and it made him boil.

Five times, by actual count, he caught the preacher in slip-of-the-tongue mistakes.

During the invitation, he slipped out the side door, all the while muttering to himself, “What a waste of time!”

Ron went to church, also. He heard the pianist play an arrangement of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” and he was stirred to worship by the majesty of it. A special missions offering was received, and he was glad his church was doing what they could for people around the world.

He especially appreciated the sermon that Sunday; it really spoke to a need in his life. He thought, as he shook the preacher’s hand and left, “How can anyone come here and not feel the presence of the Lord?”

Both men were in the same church the same day.

Each found what he was looking for. It has been said that churches and banks are much alike in one respect: “What one gets out is, for the most part, dependent upon what one puts in.” (copied)

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