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Thanks, Prayer Request, and Plans
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"The Lord gave the Word, and great was the company of those who published it."

OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO: Russ James, my computer mentor from over 30 years ago. Thanks to many others who have helped, some of whom are: James Dearmore III (Jimmy), Jeannie Autry , Tara Walker, Johnny Davis, Wayne and Jo Dee Soles, Joe Waldrop, Ann Wilson, John and Alyssa Rogers, and many friends, missionaries, pastors and Churches among independent Baptists worldwide. Pray for this "web ministry" and for other facets of our ministry in the writing and publishing on the World Wide Web, and all ministry opportunities. Please pray that all of our efforts may work together to draw men and women, boys and girls to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the ONLY mediator between God and man, and the Saviour of all who will repent and believe!

Thanks to other Christians on the Web who have given us ideas and encouragement. We love hearing from all around the world on the Web. If there is something you'd like to see on the Web, which you believe would be of help to yourself or to others, please tell us about it.

SEND SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVING OUR WEB RESOURCES! Look at our webs at: ("" is a mirror of much of the "")
and the same is true of

We have been writing, collecting materials, and building another new web site, which is now up and running on the web. It is privately sponsored by James and Jimmy Dearmore. It is a Christian Patriotic site, with the following URL:


Jimmy and I spend a couple of hours now and then on the privately sponsored patriotic site.

If you find an error on any of our sites, such as a broken link, an obvious "typo", or some other such problem, please let us know by email. If an error exists, it means we have not yet noticed it. As much material as we have running, I am sure there are several such.

If you know of a perceived need on the Gospel Web, tell us about it. Perhaps we can fill that need as we CONTINUE TO ENLARGE OUR MINISTRY. At this writing (May 13, 2013), we have far surpassed our original goal of 18 years ago to get over 2000 "titles" or "items" up and running on our "webs" (I estimate we now have over 12,000 pages running (counting each item or title as a "page", on several servers) --- Pray for the work as we keep on REACHING OUT TO REGIONS BEYOND WITH THE GOSPEL MESSAGE. has passed The 14.9 Million Hits Mark and we are still getting hits at the rate of over 2 MILLION per year - and Still Reaching Out, expanding our web, adding new materials and improving the presentation, links, and cross-links on older materials! Think about it! 2.3 MILLION HITS PER YEAR on our Gospel Web, from all over the world!

WE HAVE HAD VISITS TO GOSPEL WEB FROM OVER 170 DIFFERENT COUNTRY DOMAINS AND VISITS FROM SEVERAL US MILITARY INTERNET CONNECTIONS, AND MANY OTHER HITS OF "UNKNOWN ORIGIN". WE GET HITS ON OUR GOSPEL WEB MINISTRY SCATTERED ALL OVER THE WORLD, some from countries we never generally even think about! For more information on how you can help us reach out further and faster with this Gospel Ministry, go to the following page:

Click Here For More Info on How YOU Can Help Reach Out With The Gospel

We did all of our HTML coding by "hand" until a few years ago, using Notepad or Wordpad, but then we started using a simple HTML editor. We still do not use these "automatic text conversion to HTML applications" for making pages, so everything is still "hand coded", but we do now have a simple HTML editor which is much better than using Notepad for coding. We do have a few pages running which were coded that way by others. Those "text conversion to HTML programs" add an enormous quantity of "not needed" code and generally slow down the pages.

Our "Web" sites take a lot of time and effort to build and maintain. I regularly work 50 hours or more most weeks, adding new materials and modifying or improving our sites. We need your prayers and support for this web publishing ministry, and for our continued health and strength.

I (Jim) am over 83 years "young" as of Sept. 12, 2012, and spent most of my earlier working life in the African bush serving our Church as a Church Planting and Pastor Training Missionary with my darling wife, Georgia. Of course, in the early days of that time, our children were there with us as well, and grew up in tribal Africa.

(November 17, 2004, the Lord called my darling Georgia home to glory. We had been married almost 56 years, and we were still passionately in love when the Lord took her. She was a great soldier for the Lord, and a wonderful helpmate for me all those years! Pray for me --- I miss her terribly!).

When we were fully convinced of God (against our own personal "druthers" in the matter) at the end of 1994, to leave Africa and begin this new ministry for independent Baptists, over 17 years ago, we had NO experience with any computer except an old Texas Instruments Professional, dos operating system, at about 5 mhz chip speed, and (when we bought it some 20 years ago) what was then a "huge" hard drive, with capacity of 80 megabytes. (It still runs like a charm today, but you can't get any of the new programs to run on it, of course.)

Back in early 1995, after we had come in from Africa to stay because of Georgia's health, the "world wide web" was just beginning to grow into THE THING for world wide mass communication, for every purpose.

Because of my previous computer experience having been only with an old "dos" machine, the "learning curve" for me on the new Pentium/Windows machines when we came to begin this "Web Ministry" was not a curve at all -- It was straight up like a rocket, of course! We are still learning, as anyone must with computers these days. We purposely try to keep most of our Web Page Designs simple so they will download quickly even for people who do not have the latest and fastest connections. Please tell your friends about our gospel web resources, (which are freely offered to all with a hope for personal blessings for readers, and for their use in their own ministry). Please write us an email and tell us if you enjoy something on one of our sites.

We will be adding LOTS more good material from time to time until the Lord comes or calls, including more sermons from various close friends of the Webmaster, and "Sermons From Africa" by James Dearmore. Most of those sermons by James Dearmore will be sermons preached in Africa, and then edited and condensed for use on our "web".

We have some great sermons by our own Pastor, Ron Thomas, and from Jerry Locke now posted. We have several hundred sermons from Charles Spurgeon, and more Sermons by various Old Timers and some sound contemporary sermons for publishing on the Gospel Web. We now have 9 years of FREE daily devotions from various "old timers" which are widely used.

We have (already scanned for us by friends in our home Church) some excellent old fashioned CHRISTIAN FICTION, both for adults and for youths. This is the kind of Christian Fiction, of course, which sticks close to Bible principles in the various stories. We hope to post more of these before long.

We are always adding more "Church Humor and Bulletin Bloopers," "Computer Humor," "General Humor" and more Outside Links, Puritan and Oldtimers Reprints, etc. We also are adding from time to time more recent materials to our "Modern Martyrdom" section in which we publish short stories or reports about modern Christian Martyrs who have been persecuted or killed just because they are Christians. If you know of an obvious modern day example of persecution or martyrdom, or grossly unfair treatment of Christians, write it up and send it to us by email, with as much detail as possible, for possible use on the "Martyrdom" sections of our web.

If you have some free Church Humor or Bulletin Bloopers which as far as you know and believe are not copyrighted, please send them for possible use in our "Humor" sections.

We are NOT, of course, interested in any jokes with sexual innuendoes, or any "jokes" making light of a literal Hell, etc.

We are also especially interested in any "Angel Stories" or apparent miraculous providential intervention. If you have any good stories of that type, send them in for possible use on the Gospel Web.

God bless, and keep looking up!

James Dearmore, Missionary
Sponsored by Rodgers Baptist

(Note: The spelling practiced on our pages will GENERALLY, but not always, follow that of the grand old KJV Bible.)