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"And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not."

Luke 7: 13 King James Version

As I was washing dishes, the thought came to me that I am able to do more housework in one day than I did in four years. One day last week, I had done three loads of laundry. I had cleaned the two bathrooms, and swept the porch, the kitchen, and the hallway. I also vacuumed the carpets in the living room, the bedroom, and in my office. All of this was accomplished by four in the afternoon.

You may not think that is anything so great, but believe me, it was a miracle. For four years, I was unable to even make my bed. Only Jesus could have taken my heart that was completely dead and given me a new heart filled with His Love and Compassion. He put a song in my heart and a reason to live. Many people ask me why I keep saying over and over again that He is my Best Friend. It is because He is my Best Friend.

When I cried out to Him, I said I don't know if You could possibly love me, but if You can, would You please help me and take away all this heartache. O friends, what a Compassionate Saviour we have, He immediately poured His Soothing Salve in my heart and told me He Loved me. There are no greater words you can say to anyone than the words, "I love you" . However, they are sacred words and are not to be said lightly.

He came to me when I couldn't go to Him. He put His Compassionate Arms around me and has never let me out of His Hug of Love. O how I love Jesus! Jesus, the Name above every Name! What a Precious Saviour!

Joanne Lowe
March 29, 2006

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