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A Cry From The Heart

ďOut of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord.Ē

Psalm 130: 1 King James Version

I have been taking a stroll down memory lane today, and they were bittersweet memories. Every time I remember this particular event it makes me very happy, but at the same time brings tears of heartache. I shared it with my closest friend and she was so supportive. I thank God for her because she always points me to the Heart of Jesus and His Love for me.

Sometimes, sharing with someone isnít enough. It is then that we need to crawl on the Lap of Jesus and rest our heads against His Loving, Compassionate Heart. I put on a Gaither Video and fell asleep watching it. Any time that I watch Gloria Gaither, I feel closer to Jesus. She is one of my Spiritual Heroes.

Jesus is Faithful to take away the hurts from our hearts, but we still have memories that are painful. We have to allow Jesus to apply His Soothing Lotion of Compassion and Understanding on our scarred hearts. I cried from the depths of my heart to Jesus tonight and told Him that I was hurting very badly and would He please Comfort me as only He could. What a Compassionate Saviour we have!

If your memories are hurting you, cry from your heart to Jesus. He will be Faithful to ease the pain and kiss away your tears. There is no Friend like Jesus. He alone can see into our hearts and feel the depths of our pain. Iím sure that He has memories that hurt Him, memories of an Old Rugged Cross.

Joanne Lowe
March 19, 2006

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