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ďFor thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.Ē

Isaiah 25: 4 King James Version

Jesus not only is a refuge from the storm; He is a refuge of happiness. Today, March 4th has been the happiest day of my life except for the day I was saved. I have been in the presence of Jesus all day long. I didnít ask Him for anything. I just listened to His heart. He told us in His Word that He is preparing a place for us. I honestly donít think I could be any happier than I am right this minute. I have so much joy, excitement, peace and happiness that I feel like Iím going to explode like a fountain running over.

If you want to be happy even in the midst of difficult situations, fall in love with Jesus. Make Him your top priority in life; donít let anything or anyone come before Him. My washing machine broke and my recliner broke and I had to buy new ones. Needless to say, I will be eating a lot of soup this month and the following months until I get these paid off. Yet because I know without a shadow of doubt that Jesus loves me nothing can keep me sad for very long.

Many people look for happiness in alcohol, drugs, sex and pornography. These things do not bring true happiness. After the effects wear off, the loneliness, desperation, heartache, terror and sadness comes right back. Only Jesus can give us real happiness, real joy and real peace. If you donít know Jesus; if you have never fallen in love with Him, you will never know real joy, peace and happiness. Give your heart and life to Him and you will experience a joy and happiness that you have never known.

Joanne Lowe
March 5, 2007

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