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When we see something that is funny, we look at our family and friends to see if they are sharing the laughter with us. Sometimes when the pastor says something funny in his sermon we look at one another and smile.

I think that God and Jesus look at one another and smile when we do something that pleases Them. What kind of look are They giving each other concerning you? Is it a look of happiness or a look of sorrow?

Are you doing and saying things to bring happiness to the Heart of Jesus? Jesus has done so much for us and asks so little of us. He gave His very Life for us. His commandments are not that difficult to keep if we truly love Him as He wants us to love Him.

How about the things you are watching on television and the places you go and the friends that you have? Is your life bringing a smile to Jesus' Face, or is it bringing tears? If you could see Jesus in the flesh sitting right by you, would you continue to do the things that you are doing?

I urge you to search your heart and make room for Jesus. He has suffered enough, let's not hurt Him any more. I know from personal experience if you will put Jesus first in every area of your life, you will be happy even in the midst of trials and heartache.

Joanne Lowe

March 5, 2005

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