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Inspirational article from Joanne Lowe

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Many times I have asked God this question. Who am I that You should love me? Every time He says I am His child and I am precious to Him. When I finally realized who Jesus is and what a Great Friend He is, my life changed.

Our hearts are barren and empty of love for others until Jesus puts His Love in our hearts. All of us are born with a selfish nature, which carries over when we grow up. It is only by allowing Jesus to work through our hearts and lives that we can love others and be effective as He wants us to be for Him.

How about your heart today, is it filled with the Love of Jesus? Are others seeing the Joy of Jesus on your face? When you talk, do others hear the Compassion and Love of Jesus in what you say?

So many people are hurting inside and they desperately need this Joy and Love of Jesus. I urge you to let Jesus fill your heart with His Love and Joy so that you can be a vessel fit for the Masterís use.

Joanne Lowe

January 28, 2005