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“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Genesis 1: 1 King James Version

There has to be a beginning for us when we allow Jesus to change our cold and indifferent hearts into hearts that are filled with unconditional love for others. Someone told me once that he had never told a lie, had never had an unkind thought about anyone and had never sinned so he didn’t need to have his heart changed because it was perfect the way it was. How my heart broke when he said this because satan had deceived him into actually believing that he didn’t need his heart changed.

Tragedy came into this man’s life and he didn’t have anybody to go to because he had always said that he didn’t need friends and so had never made the effort to establish a friendship with someone. I told him that Jesus Loved him and cared about him. I watched as this proud and arrogant man humbled himself and cried out to Jesus for forgiveness. Yes, our precious Heavenly Father is God of everything, including our hearts.

There is a song with these words “The God of the mountain is the God of the valleys” and this song is so true. It doesn’t matter if we are on the mountain top in our hearts or in the lowest valleys in our hearts, God is faithful and will bring us into victory. There is absolutely nothing that God can’t fix. Our Heavenly Father Loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us. There is no love greater than the Love of Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

I told a dear and beloved friend that I wanted to do something but was unable to do it at this time. She said “I know your heart”. She knew that I really wanted to do it but couldn’t do it as much as I wanted to do it. Jesus also knows our hearts. He sees the things others can’t see and He knows if we are sincere in our service to Him. We can fool our family, friends, the world and even ourselves but we can’t fool Him. He knows if the things we do and say are done out of love or if we just do them because we’re supposed to do and say them. If we call people on the telephone, send them a letter or email them and we aren’t doing it out of a heart of love, it stinks in the nostrils of Jesus. Anything that we do that doesn’t come from a heart of love is meaningless and we might as well not do them.

Have you given your heart to Jesus? Have you said yes to the one who Loves you so much that He died for you? Have you given Him everything or are you keeping something back from Him? If Jesus were to come back today, would He say to you “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”?

Joanne Lowe
January 28, 2007

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