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My computer stopped working right and no matter what I did to fix it nothing worked. My brother-in-law who is a computer expert advised me to format my computer and it would be just like sending it to the factory to be fixed.

Many times we try to format our hearts by being nice to others and by doing good deeds. That is just like trying to fix a computer that is broke, it will not work. Our feeble efforts to love someone in our own strength has never worked and will never work. It is only as others see and feel the Love of Jesus in us that they will know that Jesus does love them.

Have you been trying to be nicer to your family and friends? Do you get frustrated because it seems no matter what you do to be kind to others it is not appreciated? We need to go to Jesus and ask Him to take His Broom of Mercy and Grace and sweep out all the bitterness and resentment in our hearts toward other people.

We are not capable of loving others as Jesus wants us to love others in our own strength. It takes Jesus planting His Love in our hearts to format our hearts to minister to people. I urge you to ask Jesus to format your heart with His Compassion and Mercy so that you can effectively love others.

Joanne Lowe

February 24, 2005