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How Many Fish?

“Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.”

John 21:10 King James Version

I’ve only been fishing once in my life that I can remember and I was scared of the worms so my fishing partner had to bait my hook and then take the fish off that I caught. I remember to this day the excitement I felt when I was able to land that fish.

O dear friends, the excitement I felt landing that fish is nothing compared to the excitement and joy that flooded my soul the first time I had the privilege to lead someone to accept Jesus as personal Saviour. One of my most precious memories was the privilege of leading my nephew to accept Jesus into his heart. Even through these Devotionals, God has allowed me to lead precious souls to Jesus.

There is nothing on this earth as important as leading people to know Jesus as personal Saviour, and drawing them closer to Him by the love that we show them. If we would ever grasp this in our hearts, our families, friends, and the world would not hurt in their hearts as they do now.

Many years ago in Texas, I was the captain of one of the bus routes at my church. I would go every Saturday and visit all of my riders and new prospects. God did something very precious one Saturday. I went to the home of a new prospect that had three children. One of the children came to the door and I introduced myself and my church. I then asked the little girl, she was seven years old, if she knew Jesus. She asked me who He was and I told her in very simple words. That dear girl prayed right then and asked Jesus in her heart. The very minute she opened her eyes she ran into the room and grabbed her mother’s hand and brought her to the door. She said “Please tell my momma about Jesus”. I did, and that dear mother prayed and accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour.

I went home and had a victory party. I danced all over the house, shouting and praising Jesus for allowing me to be a witness to such an awesome miracle. The greatest miracle in the world is when a heart that is hardened melts and invites the Christ of Calvary into his or her heart.

Are you fishing for souls today? Is bringing your family, friends, and loved ones to Jesus the most important thing in your life? You can make all the money in the world and give them the most expensive things, but if you don’t give them the Precious Gift of the Love of Jesus, you haven’t given them what really matters for all Eternity.

Joanne Lowe
March 26, 2006

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