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It Still Hurts

ďAnd when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not.Ē

Luke 7: 13 King James Version

Jesus is Faithful to take all of our hurts from our hearts in His Compassionate Love. Sometimes, however, painful memories come back and we need a fresh touch from Jesus to heal the anguish in our hearts. This is why it is so important to be loving and kind to each other because memories stay with us.

We need to be certain that we are leaving kind and loving memories in peopleís hearts, and not critical and judgmental memories. My heart is breaking as I realize that Jesus also has painful memories. Yes, He has forgiven and forgotten in the sense that He will never hold it against us for crucifying Him, but the memories of all the abuse and criticism are in His Heart.

We may not have been there the day that Jesus was crucified on the Cross, but every time that we say something cruel to somebody, or hurt somebody by our actions, we are just as guilty as the ones who pounded those painful nails into Him. We are so quick to point the finger at somebody else and point out all their faults, but we donít like to acknowledge our own faults.

Yes, memories can be happy, or they can be painful. Are we giving Jesus happy memories by the things we say and do, or are we giving Him sad memories and breaking His Heart?

Joanne Lowe
March 11, 2006

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