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Inspirational article from Joanne Lowe

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If you are experiencing problems with your children and are discouraged to the point of giving up, the most important thing I can tell you right now is that Jesus Loves you and He understands completely what you are going through and what you are feeling and He cares. He knows your heart and He knows that you love Him.

I encourage you and urge you to reach down in your heart and let Jesus light your candle again, the candle that draws people to you and closer to Jesus. There are so many people that need what you and I have to give them, the Love of Jesus. Not everyone can give the Love of Jesus because they do not have His Love in their heart.

Remember Jesus could come back today even before you go to bed and there could be someone who is desperately lonely and maybe even contemplating suicide right now, and you may be the one that He wants to use.

Joanne Lowe

December 19, 2004