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Inspirational article from Joanne Lowe

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The Bible says that we are to bow our knees before God when we pray. However, if we are just bowing our knees and not our hearts, it is in vain.

When we come to God in prayer we need to come with our hearts lifted up in joy and praise. Yes, we might be going through devastating heartache and circumstances but if we really have the Joy of the Lord in our hearts, satan can not get the victory over us.

The Bible says that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. There is nothing that you and I can do to generate that Joy. It is Jesus living in us Who is the Joy that flows from our hearts.

I was heavy hearted last night about something that I had heard and for a while I was really down. Then I started singing to Jesus and telling Him how much I love Him. I started laughing out loud because satan can not win the war because he is already defeated through the Precious Blood of Jesus. We may let satan win a battle but he will never win the war.

I urge you to let the Joy of Jesus in you overflow onto all you come in contact with and watch how Jesus will heal broken hearts and lives.

Joanne Lowe

January 26, 2005