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Let God Judge

“If thou, Lord, shouldst mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?”

Psalm 130: 3 King James Version

I have received many emails in the last four months from people who tell me that they have had harsh, critical and judgmental words said to them. This verse says that if Jesus were to mark down every time we did something wrong or said something critical and judgmental, all of us would be in serious trouble.

Why is it that we are so quick to point out the faults of others, but won’t admit that we also make mistakes? If we will only take care of our own standing before Jesus and clean up our own hearts, we won’t have the time to judge others. That is not our job; it is God’s job.

We are to be encouragers to one another and to pray for each other. How can we tell someone they did something wrong, when just a few hours ago we sinned? None of us are perfect. We are only sinners saved by grace. If we would become encouragers instead of accusers, there would not be as much heartache in this world.

If someone has said critical, harsh, and judgmental words to you, take it to Jesus. Allow Him to Comfort you as He is the only one who can take away the pain. May God forgive us if we have been the ones to say critical and judgmental words to someone else.

Joanne Lowe
April 27, 2006

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