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ďBe ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil.Ē

Ephesians 4: 26, 27 King James Version

This verse came to my mind last night and I remembered that ten years ago God spoke to my heart and said ďStop itĒ. I replied ďStop whatĒ? He told me that I had been concentrating more on satan and giving satan more time than I was giving Him. I thought back and realized that He was right. Isnít He always right and arenít we always wrong? Itís no wonder that I was always so sad and depressed. I was filling my mind with the negative things of satan rather than filling it with the positive things of Jesus.

I had been dwelling on all the negative things in my life and was constantly telling satan to shut up and calling him a liar. I would open my door and tell him that he was not welcome in my home and he isnít. However, I concentrated so much on yelling at satan that I neglected to focus on Jesus and on good things. I was spending more time with satan than I was with Jesus.

We need to be cautious because satan is very sneaky and he will creep in when we least expect it. I think a lot of us have made the mistake of letting our guard down. Things are going wonderful and we are so happy and being productive. Then all of a sudden, Wham! The devil has attacked us once again with poisonous darts of lies, doubts and fears.

We must stay alert at all times because nothing makes satan any happier than to cause conflict. If we allow him to cause conflict in our homes, then we are in serious trouble. I was reading a story last night about a dear family whose foundation was Jesus and because of that foundation their children knew who Jesus was and loved Jesus even while they were very young. We will have to do spiritual warfare at times but letís not neglect to spend more time with Jesus and focus on positive things rather than spending more time with satan and focusing on negative things. Letís make certain that we donít allow satan to get even a toe hold in our family.

If today you are talking to satan and spending more time with him like I did than you are with Jesus, then I urge you to spend more time with Jesus. Think on good things rather than on negative things. Donít allow satan to fill your mind and heart with regrets, doubts and fears. Allow Jesus to fill your heart with more of His unconditional love so that you will be able to give that love to your loved ones and friends and to the world.

Joanne Lowe
February 5, 2007

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