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Out Of The Dark

ďThe Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?Ē

Psalm 27:1 King James Version

I have the most beautiful afghan hanging on my living room wall with this verse on it. It is a Thomas Kinkade afghan. My dear sister gave it to me a few years ago. O how I love my sister! Not because she buys me things, but because she gives me her time, her love, and her understanding. We donít always agree on things, and sometimes get upset with one another, but our friendship is firmly anchored.

I wandered in the darkness of my heart for many long and painful years. I could not see the end of the tunnel. I couldnít even see the tunnel. All I saw was blackness in the world and in my heart. I gave my heart to Jesus on August 14, 1980, but I didnít know that He Loved me. I didnít think it was possible for Him to Love me.

When I think of the Saviour of the world reaching down His Nail Scarred Hand and lifting me out of the darkness of sin and pain, I stand in awe of Him. He came to me when I couldnít go to Him. He Loved me when I was so unlovely, when I was critical, judgmental, and hateful to everyone.

If you donít know this wonderful Saviour; if you have never opened your heart to the Christ of Calvary, I urge you; I plead with you to invite Him into your heart and life even as you read this. Your family and friends want to meet you in Heaven. He will be the Best Friend you have ever known. He will Comfort you, Protect you, Cherish you, and Love you for Eternity!

Joanne Lowe
March 20, 2006

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