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Shower Of Love

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

Matthew 10: 30 King James Version

My sister cut my hair a couple of days ago. I didn’t realize how thick it was and how much I had until I saw it falling on the floor and all over me. I was reminded of this verse that says our hairs are numbered. Jesus knows every hair on our heads. He knows how many hairs my sister cut off my head.

My sister cut my hair in a shower of love because she was not feeling well, was in a hurry, and had been in bed for a couple of days. Yet, she loved me enough to cut my hair even though she still didn’t feel well. How I praise God for my sister! I love her dearly because time and time again she has shown me by her actions how much Jesus Loves me.

After she left, I took a shower because I was covered with hair. As I got into the shower, my heart was made to rejoice because God had provided the tub, the water, the soap, the washrag, and the towel for me. I took a shower of Love.

Just as Jesus provides the water for us to take showers, He gives us His Cleansing, Atoning Blood to wash away the sin in our hearts. I could have taken the shower all day, but if my heart wasn’t already washed in the Precious Blood of the Lamb, I would still be dirty.

Has your heart been washed in the Blood of our Saviour? Have you allowed Him to take away the hatred, prejudice, and criticism from your heart? Step into the Shower of Jesus and He will clean your heart for all Eternity.

Joanne Lowe
March 5, 2006

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