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ďThe steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.Ē

Psalm 37: 23, 24 King James Version

Due to circumstances beyond my control and a very difficult situation yesterday, I spent most of the day feeling discouraged, in despair and defeated. Naturally, satan took advantage of my discouragement and tried to fill my mind with his deception and lies. It didnít work and it will never work because as soon as I realized that the reason I was feeling discouraged was because satan was trying to keep me from serving Jesus, I reached out and took hold of my Saviourís hand and allowed Him to lift me up out of my doubts, fears, discouragement and despair.

Iíve been to Calvary and I know that Jesus is able to protect me and keep me safe. Iíve seen the nail prints in His precious hands and Iíve felt His unconditional love for me in my heart. Iíve felt my Saviour put His tender loving arms around me and hold me close to His heart. Iíve felt Him kiss away the tears from my eyes and my cheeks. Yes, satan may keep me down for a while, but Jesus will always walk with me through the valleys and once again set my feet back up on the mountaintops.

Itís not how many times that we fall; itís how many times that we get back up and keep going that matters to Jesus. All He wants from us is a willing heart and for us to be obedient to Him. Have my circumstances changed? No, they havenít changed but I have peace, joy and happiness in my heart once again because Jesus had compassion and comforted and encouraged me.

I did something that all of us are guilty of doing; I took my eyes off of Jesus and put them on my circumstances. How long is it going to take for us to trust Him for everything in our lives? Thank God that He loves us, understands and forgives us. He is a compassionate Saviour and His heart is full of unconditional love, mercy, understanding, tenderness, kindness and grace.

I think if we are honest with ourselves all of us get discouraged and have doubts at times. It is an attack from satan to keep us from serving Jesus. When the doubts and discouragement attack us, we need to reach up and take hold of the precious nail scarred hand of Jesus. He will be faithful to reassure us. He will give us a hug and comfort and encourage us. If you are discouraged and hurting today, take the hand of Jesus. He is waiting for you with His hand stretched out toward you but you have to take hold of His hand.

Joanne Lowe
August 6, 2007

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