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“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Genesis 1: 1, 31 King James Version

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is a manager of a very large store. I asked him if the company gave him a commission or bonus if his store sold a certain amount. He said “They used to do that but they don’t do it anymore”. I’ve been thinking about his answer and it dawned on me this morning that just as the company has changed the policy that the founder had made so we have changed the policy of the world that God established.

When God created the world, He made it a place of love, beauty and peace. Today, we are living in a world that is ugly and full of hatred, sarcasm, criticism, judgment and ridicule. There are wars raging everywhere. The war that hurts the most and is the most devastating is the war that sometimes rages in our own families. Spouses argue and shout at each other, parents kill their children, children kill their parents, and siblings argue and attack one another. How this must grieve our Heavenly Father! He loves us and wants us to live in peace yet we have neglected to spread His love as He has commanded us to do.

There is another kind of war and it is the war that takes place in our hearts. It is a war between good and evil. If Jesus lives in our hearts, then He has forgiven us and cleansed us in His atoning blood which He shed for us on the cross. However, satan attacks us with his lies and deception and tempts us to do things that hurt Jesus.

We must constantly be on the guard against the poisonous darts of satan which are like sharp knives plunged deep into our hearts. The sad thing about this is that satan will lie and deceive Christians and cause them to hurt one another. Nothing makes satan any happier than to see us discouraged, defeated and hopeless because he doesn’t want us to serve Jesus.

It is time that we get back to the policy that God made when He founded this world; a policy of love and peace. The only way this is going to happen is by us allowing Jesus to search our hearts and asking Him to remove anything that hurts Him and hinders our relationship with Him. We must renew our commitment to Jesus that we will spread His love to everyone starting with our own families.

Does your family know that you love Jesus by the way that you treat them and the things that you say to them? Do your children see you hugging your spouse? Do you hug your children? Do you spend time with your children during the day or do you let the television be the babysitter because you don’t want to be bothered with them?

One day we will stand before a Holy God and give an account of the way we raised our children. Our children are not ours; they belong to God. He gives them to us and trusts us to raise them the way He has commanded us to raise them. Are you raising them to love Jesus? Do you send them to church or do you take them to church? Do you tell them to say their prayers or do you pray with them? May God forgive us for hurting our precious children!

Joanne Lowe
August 12, 2007

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