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To My Loving Saviour

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?"

Psalm 8: 3, 4 King James Version

I was feeling very sad this morning because I have a dear friend that I want to see but she lives in another state. I went for a walk in my trailer park this morning feeling sad and lonely to see her. As I was walking, I would stop and look around me. I saw the beautiful clouds; I smelled the fragrance of the flowers that are blooming, and I heard the birds singing to Jesus.

Jesus, I have some things I want to tell You this morning. First of all, I want to thank You from the bottom of my heart for lifting me up out of the garbage heap of my life, and depositing Your Love and Salvation in my heart. You are so dear to me, Jesus! I love You with every breath I take. You are the very breath I take! Without You, I would still be shackled in my heart with the chains of depression, suicidal thoughts, and a loneliness that only You could possibly understand.

When I think of You, the Saviour of my soul, my very Best Friend, Loving me, I am overwhelmed with awe, gratitude, and thanksgiving to You. You are the Beautiful Rose of Sharon. You are the Bright and Morning Star. You are the fairest of ten thousand to my soul. You are the Reason I live, and You are my All in All.

How can I tell you how much I love You, Jesus? I can\rquote t, but I know that You know what is in my heart so You know how very dear You are to me and how much I love You. I pledge myself anew to You this morning. I will serve You as long as I have breath with Your help. You know, Jesus, that without You, I can do nothing. Thank You for Loving me, Jesus. I wish You the happiest day You have ever had. I pray that many people will fall in love with You today and make You the Lord and Master of their lives. Above everything, dear Jesus, I want You to be happy. If ever anyone deserves to be happy, it is You! You gave Your life for me; You shed Your Blood for me so that I could be with You for Eternity. O how I love You, my Wonderful and Precious Friend!

Joanne Lowe
March 28, 2006

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