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Inspirational article from Joanne Lowe

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Many years ago I signed myself into a hospital because I was feeling suicidal. While in the hospital, I crawled under the bed because I was afraid of people and had no desire to live. The nurses would keep pulling me out and as soon as they left my room I would crawl back under the bed.

This went on for two weeks until one night on the midnight shift a nurse I had never met literally got down on her hands and knees and crawled under the bed with me and laid beside me. She took hold of my hand and told me that she wouldn't let anybody hurt me and it was safe to come out. I didn't believe her but I did come out after she laid there for about an hour with me.

There are many people who are under the bed in their emotions. They are afraid to show their emotions for fear of being ridiculed and put down. We need to open our hearts to others who are hurting emotionally and all of us hurt in one way or the other.

I encourage you to find someone you can trust, someone who won't judge you or make fun of you and open your heart to that person. I know from experience that the only way to get rid of all the hurt in your heart is to start talking to others.

God said that we are to bear one another's burdens. It is impossible to bear someone's burdens if we don't know what they are. The best way to help someone is by sharing what you have been through so that person will know that you really do care and understand.

Come out from under the bed in your emotions into the Arms of Jesus. He Loves you so much and is yearning to fellowship with you. You have tried everything else and it didn't work. Try Jesus and you will be victorious through the Love of Jesus.

Joanne Lowe

January 22, 2005