John Bunyan
Baptist and
Warrant For John Bunyan's Arrest
Issued March 4, 1674, Signed by J. Napier, W. Beecher, G. Blundell, Hum:
Monoux, Will Franklin, John Ventris, Will Spencer, Will Gery, St. Jo
Chernocke, Wm. Daniels, T. Browne, Gaius Squire, and W. Foster.
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Warrant for John Bunyan's
Issued March 4, 1674.

Signed By J Napier, W Beecher,
G. Blundell, Hum: Monoux,
Will Franklin, John Ventris,
Will Spencer, Will Gery,
St Jo Chernocke, Wm Daniels,
T Browne, Gaius Squire,
and W ffoster


This warrant for John Bunyan's arrest
was issued in 1674, and is responsible for Bunyan's second, albeit brief, incarceration in 1675. It was during this second incarceration that he wrote "The Pilgrim's Progress". Truly, "The wrath of man shall praise Thee: the remainder of wrath shalt Thou restrain." ~ Psalm 76:10 ~
At the time, (1674), John Bunyan was forty-six years old.

To the Constables of Bedford and to every one of them

J Napier

W Beecher

G. Blundell

Hum: Monoux

Will ffranklin

John Ventris

Whereas information and complaint is
made unto us that (notwithstanding the
Kings Majties late Act of most gracious
generall and free pardon to all his subjects
for past misdemeanours that by his said
clemencie and indulgent grace and favor
they might be mooved and induced for
the time to come more carefully to observe
his Highenes lawes and Statutes and to
continue in theire loyall and due obedience
to his Majtie) Yett one John Bunnyon of
youre said Towne Tynker hath divers times
within one month last past in contempt of
his Majtie's good Lawes preached or
teached at a Conventicle Meeting or
Assembly under color or ptence of
exercise of Religion in other manner than
according to the Liturgie or practiss of
the Church of England
.... These are
therefore in his Majties name to comand
you forthwith to apprehend and bring the
Body of the said John Bunnion before us
or any of us or other his Majties Justice of
Peace within the said County to answer
the premisses and further to doo and
receave as to Lawe and Justice shall
appertaine and hereof you are not to faile.
Given under our handles and seales this
ffourth day of March in the seven and
twentieth yeare of the Raigne of our most
gracious Soveraigne Lord King Charles
the Second
... A . que D-ni juxta &c 1674

Will Spencer
Will Gery
. St Jo Chernocke . Wm Daniels
T Browne
.. W ffoster
Gaius Squire

This document bears the signature of thirteen magistrates. One of them is Foster, a fierce enemy of John Bunyan. At this time, Foster was Chancellor of the Bishop of Lincoln, the Diocesan, and Commissary of the Court of the Archdeacon of Bedford. Of the other magistrates, Sir John Napier, Sir William Beecher and Sir George Blundell, were included in the bench when John Bunyan was first sentenced in 1661.

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