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Christian Martyrs Persecuted And
Dying In Many Countries
From Emails Received January, 2007

2007 - Martyrs Notes From VOM About India, Vietnam, Sudan, Romania and Bangladesh

Pray for INDIA

INDIA Pastor Attacked for Christmas and New Year Services - VOM Sources

On January 7, 2007, Pastor Gabriel was attacked and beaten by Hindu extremists because he held Christmas and New Year services. The attackers were infuriated believers gathered to sing and pray to a "foreign God-Jesus." Pastor Gabriel sustained head injuries that have resulted in him losing his sight. Meanwhile, believers who were on their way to visit Pastor Gabriel in the hospital were involved in a car accident and incurred severe injuries. Pray God will heal Pastor Gabriel and those injured. Ask God to give believers in India boldness to continue serving Him in the midst of increasing persecution. Psalm 103:3, Psalm 138:3

Pray for VIETNAM

VIETNAM Police arrest Pastor's family and demolish part of building - Compass Direct News

On January 9, 2007, police raided Rev. Hong Quang's church and residence and arrested 17 people who were having a prayer meeting. While in custody, some believers were threatened, crudely grabbed, led by the hair, slapped on the face and beaten. Pray God's protection and courage for Christians in Vietnam. Deuteronomy 31:6

Pray for SUDAN

SUDAN Sudanese Police Deny New Year's Church Attack - Compass Direct News

Sudanese police have denied attacking 800 Christians at a New Year's Eve service in Khartoum's Anglican cathedral. Six members of the congregation were injured after the police fired tear gas into the church. As a result of the attack, the sound system, pews, chairs and windows were damaged. Pray God will heal believers injured in the attack. Pray for protection and that publicity from the attack will cause Christians worldwide to lift the country of Sudan before God's throne. Proverbs 2:8

Pray for ROMANIA

ROMANIA Controversial Religion Law Passed; legal challenges planned - Forum 18 News

The Romanian President has approved a controversial new Religion Law which bans religious defamation and public offense to religious symbols. Christians in Romania are concerned the law will make it difficult for religious communities not currently recognized by the government to gain recognition. Christians and human rights activists are hoping to appeal this law. Pray God guides and protects Christians in Romania and grants them wisdom as they seek to appeal this new law. Isaiah 59:11


BANGLADESH VOM Workers Request Prayer - VOM Sources

VOM workers in Bangladesh ask for prayer as Bangladesh has been plunged into political chaos. Elections scheduled for January 22 have been postponed and the president has stepped down as interim leader shortly after declaring a state of emergency following 10 weeks of street protests which killed 45 and injured hundreds. Bangladesh faces political instability. "There are now widespread fears that the political order could break down, leading to either a military government or yet more space for hardliner Islamist groups," a VOM source said. Pray for peace to prevail in Bangladesh and for God's protection upon believers in the midst of political chaos. Isaiah 26:3

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