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Christian Martyrs Still Persecuted And
Dying Today In Many Countries
From Emails Received October, 2007

2007 - Martyrs Notes From VOM About Pakistan, China, Ethiopia, India, Eritrea, Nigeria, Indonesia


PAKISTAN Christian Homes Demolished in Pakistan - VOM Sources

On October 19, local Muslims demolished homes belonging to three Christian families in the village of Lobhana, near Lahore, Pakistan. According to The Voice of the Martyrs' contacts, more than 70 armed villagers moved in with tractors and began destroying the homes. VOM contacts said, "They demolished and looted three homes and only stopped when the police arrived." Some of the Christians attacked reported that the Muslims threatened to kill them. VOM contacts added that the land where some of the demolished homes were located had been given to the Christian families by the Pakistani government more than 10 years earlier. However, some local Muslims claimed the land, intending to build a cemetery. Pray for God's protection for Christians in this area. Ask Him to provide resources for these families to rebuild their homes. Pray the testimony of these believers will draw nonbelievers, especially their attackers, into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Psalm 68:19, Proverbs 3:5, 6

Pray for CHINA

CHINA UPDATE - Prominent House Church Leader Beaten by Police Again - China Aid Association

On October 16, prominent house church leader Hua Huiqi was released from Tiantan Hospital and returned home. However, China Aid Association reported that the following day Public Security Bureau (PSB) police officers attacked and beat up Hua again after refusing to allow him to use the bathroom next to his bedroom. China's PSB recently put Hua under house arrest. Pastor Hua's 77-year-old-mother, Shuang Shuying, remains very ill in prison, serving a two-year sentence. Pray for Pastor Hua's recovery and thank God for His faithfulness as Hua endures these recent attacks. Pray for the healing of his mother and that her testimony will draw non-believers into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Psalm 27: 1, Psalm 23


ETHIOPIA Muslims Attack Homes in Ethiopia - VOM Sources

On October 16, Muslims attacked 25 Christian families and demolished 12 homes in Seka Yoyo, in the southwest of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. According to The Voice of the Martyrs' contacts, the families were forced to flee to nearby Jimma. Thank God no believers were killed or seriously harmed during this attack. Pray the believers will be safe in Jimma, where there has been several incidents of violence in recent months, leaving at least six Christians dead. Ask God to protect and encourage Christians that have lost their homes. Pray for the safety of Christians in Ethiopia. Psalm 68:19, Philippians 4:19

Pray for INDIA

INDIA Pastors Beaten and Detained in India - VOM Sources

* On October 11, Pastor Ganesh Murthy was attacked by two Hindu extremists while he was distributing literature and praying for local people in the village of Rampura, Karnakata. The extremists verbally abused, beat and dragged him to the local police station where he was detained on charges of forcible conversion. The extremists also tried to forcibly convert Pastor Murthy to Hinduism by promising to meet the financial needs of his wife and three children if he complied. However, the pastor refused the offer and stood firm in his faith. He is still in prison.

* On October 14, Pastor Thadikal and his wife were attacked in their home in the Vayandu district of Kerala, by two Hindu extremists. The pastor and his wife sustained serious head injuries. Pray for Christians in India who are standing strong in their faith in Jesus Christ. Ask God to heal and protect those injured. Pray for the release of Pastor Murthy from prison. Psalm 91, Psalm 107:20

Pray for ERITREA

ERITREA Gospel Singer Helen Berhane Granted Asylum in Denmark - VOM Sources

Eritrean gospel singer, Helen Berhane, who was released from prison in November 2006 after being detained in Eritrea for two years without charge, has been granted asylum in Denmark. Berhane and her daughter arrived in Denmark on October 19, after spending 11 months in Sudan. Her health remains extremely poor, due to the physical suffering she experienced during her detention. She cannot walk without assistance. During Berhane's detention, she was held for extended periods of time in shipping containers and tortured several times by authorities in an effort to force her to recant her faith. Thank God that Berhane has found a safe place to live. Praise Him for her faithfulness. Pray for God's continued protection and provision for her. Ask Him to give her direction and wisdom, so she can continue serving Him. Pray for believers in Eritrea who face persecution and suffering for the sake of their faith in Jesus Christ. Psalm 84:11, Psalm 119:105

Pray for NIGERIA

NIGERIA Muslim Officials Dismiss Christian School Librarian - Compass Direct News

Sixteen months ago, Muslim officials forced Asabe Ladagu, a Christian widow, to leave her job as a librarian. The incident occurred after she and others requested land to build a chapel in the capital city of Borno state, in northern Nigeria. According to Compass Direct News, Muslim administrators at Ramat Polytechnic forced Ladagu into early retirement without pay. Ladagu told Compass, "We were branded dangerous people because we were Christians. I have been forced out of office now for 16 months, not retired and not on staff roll of Ramat Polytechnic. Other Christian brethren, too, have either been forced out or have been the subjects of witch hunts." Pray for God's provision and protection for Ladagu and other Christians in northern Nigeria. Ask God to use their testimonies to draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Him. Philippians 4:19, Psalm 27:1


INDONESIA Imprisoned Christians Sentenced - VOM Sources

The remaining Christian leaders imprisoned in April have been sentenced to five years in prison. They were imprisoned after a video recording of them praying for Muslims was leaked to Islamic organizations. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Indonesia, "The defendants have been found guilty of abusing the Quran, and the judge sentenced them to five years in prison. Their lawyers are planning to appeal this decision in East Java High Court in Surabaya." Pray for those in prison and their families. Ask God to give them boldness and wisdom as they face these difficult challenges. Joshua 1:9, Philippians 4:13


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