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Christian Martyrs Still Persecuted And
Dying Today In Many Countries
From Emails Received February, 2008

Feb. 5, 2008 - Martyrs Notes About China, Eritrea, North Korea and Bangladesh

Pray for CHINA

CHINA Police Attack House Church Members After Burning Bibles - China Aid Association

On January 23, members of a house church in Yunan Province were severely beaten by police officials when they went to the Xishan District Public Security Bureau (PSB) to ask about their property which had been confiscated. According to China Aid Association (CAA), Chen Xiqiong and Liang Guihua walked into the PSB office and requested an account of items, including Bibles which were taken from their house church and burned by police officers in early December 2007. CAA said, "After ignoring the member's request, officials proceeded to violently remove them from office. One female church member, 54-year-old Liang Guihua, was thrown into a wall and rendered unconscious for more than 10 minutes. After the assault the members went to a local hospital for evaluation. Officials who witnessed the event refuse to testify on the members' behalf." Pray for healing for those believers injured in this attack. Ask God to protect and encourage Christians in China who face increased persecution. Isaiah 54:14

Pray for ERITREA

ERITREA Christians Arrested in Massawa - VOM Sources, Gulf Information Center

Thirty Christian youth belonging to the Pentecostal Church in the Red Sea port city of Massawa were arrested by Eritrean government officials. According to a January 27 report from Gulf Information Center, "A campaign to arrest Christians had spread to several other cities, including the capital city of Asmara, where detainees were being forced under torture to reveal the names of other believers." Pray God sustains the imprisoned believers. Pray Eritrean believers continue to stand boldly in their faith despite severe persecution. 2 Timothy 1:7


NORTH KOREA Jailed Christian Worker Freed - VOM Sources

A Canadian aid worker, Je Yell Kim, who was arrested by North Korean security officials on charges related to "national security" in the city of Rajin while trying to cross the North Korean border to China on November 3, was released late last week. Kim's release followed the diplomatic visit of Ted Lipman, Canada's ambassador to South Korea, to the capital of Pyongyang last week. Foreign Affairs did not comment on the nature of the negotiations involved in Kim's release. The exact charges on which he was arrested remain unknown. However, during an interrogation, Kim reportedly wrote in a statement that he had criticized the North Korean regime and tried to set up a church in the northern area of the country. Kim also oversees a dental clinic and two hospitals in an impoverished region of the nation. For security reasons, Kim's current location has not been made public. At last report, Canadian officials were facilitating his reunion with his family. Recently, it had been reported that his health was "deteriorating" in prison. Thank the Lord for Kim's release. Ask the Lord to comfort and strengthen him as he recovers from his time in prison. Pray that he and Christians in North Korea will keep their eyes on Jesus, persevere in their faith and not grow weary or lose heart. Hebrews 10:32-39; 12:1-3


BANGLADESH UPDATE - Elderly Christian Woman's Home Set on Fire - VOM Sources

The Voice of the Martyrs has learned that an elderly, bedridden woman burned in an attack on January 7, has since died. According to VOM sources in Bangladesh, attackers may have not realized that the bedridden elderly woman was in the house sleeping when they set the house on fire. She awoke when the fire started, but since she was not able walk, she could not escape. Eventually, someone from the area heard her cries for help and pulled her out of the fire. The motive behind the attack was to burn the house which was used as a house church. Ask God to comfort the family of this elderly lady. Pray the house church which met in this home will continue despite this horrible incident. Psalm 23


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