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Christian Martyrs Still Persecuted And
Dying Today In Many Countries
From E-mail Received February 6, 2007

02/06/07 --- Persecution and Martyrdom Notes From VOM
On Columbia, China, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe.


COLOMBIA Teachers Forced to Deny Christ - VOM Sources

A VOM contact reports that three teachers working with a tribal group are being forced to deny Christ in order to be permitted to teach for the next year. All three teachers intend to stand firm. An effort is being made in some of the tribal areas to eliminate Christianity. Pray God gives these believers courage to stand against this persecution. Ask God to protect them and use their experiences to bring others to Christ. 1 Corinthians 16:13

Pray for CHINA

CHINA Christians Arrested in China - VOM Sources /China Aid Association

    * On January 22, 2007, three "Minority for Christ" workers were arrested in Guizhou province. Guizhou has one of the largest Hmong populations and is also one of the strongest Communist provinces in China.
    * VOM sources also report that security police arrested 11 Korean Christians after visiting a local village in China. After extensive interrogation they were released. The group is helping a local village build a new church building.
    * On January 26, 2007, Hua Huidi and his 76-year-old mother were attacked and wounded by seven police officers while walking near a 2008 Olympic hotel site in Beijing, China. According to China Aid Association (CAA), Hua, an active house-church member in Beijing, and his mother were kicked on the ground and later taken to the Olympic Police Station for questioning. "When Hua asked the police to release his sick mother and explain the legal ground for the detention, he was beaten repeatedly. While the temperature in Beijing was in the 20s, cold water was poured on him. He was later taken to a detention center," CAA said. Hua's family learned that he was sentenced to one month of criminal detention.

Pray God continues to protect Christians in China. Persecution is expected to intensify ahead of the 2008 Olympics. Ask God to give believers wisdom and courage as they face these difficult times. Deuteronomy 31:6 Deuteronomy 31:6


UZBEKISTAN Pastor Arrested by Secret Police in Uzbekistan - VOM Sources/ Compass Direct News

A pastor was arrested by Uzbek secret police on January 21. During the raid of the Full Gospel Church in Andijan, secret service officers asked Pastor Dmitry Shestakov to step outside with them for five minutes. They then escorted him to the nearest police station. At last report, he was still in police custody. The pastor is accused of "incitement of national, racial and religious enmity," under Article 156 of Uzbekistan's penal code. He could face up to five years in prison if convicted of this charge. Pray God will give this Christian brother the right words to say when he stands before accusing authorities. Pray the Holy Spirit will bring his neighbors, friends and persecutors to Christ through his faithful witness.Romans 12:14, 21


ZIMBABWE Christian Leaders Arrested - VOM Sources

The entire leadership of the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) and some journalists were arrested during a meeting in Kadoma on January 26. The alliance is involved in a number of measures to support those suffering from the on-going political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe and to work toward a resolution. At least 1000 people gathered in and around a church building to pray for Zimbabwe when armed riot police raided the meeting and arrested the leaders. Eight senior leaders were charged with holding an illegal political meeting. During interrogation, they were accused of working to overthrow President Robert Mugabe. After being interrogated throughout the weekend, the eight were arraigned on January 29 and released on $100,000 Zimbabwe dollars ($415 US) bail each. They are scheduled to appear in court on March 5. Those facing charges are Jonah Gokova, Pastor Raymond Motsi, Pius Wakatama, Pastor Ancelemon Magaya, Pastor Watson Mugabe, Pastor Zvizai Chiponda, Lawrence Berejina and Gerald Mubaiwa. Pray those charged will be acquitted. Thank God for their release. Ask God to encourage the leadership of ZCA to faithfully carry out their God-given task. 1 Peter 5:1-4

Pray for CHINA

CHINA UPDATE - Chinese House Church Leaders Released

Nine house-church leaders arrested in the village of Chencun, Henan province on January 6, 2007, were released from prison on January 20. The church leaders were not given any legal certificate of their arrest, detention or release. Local Christians believe police deliberately refused the Christians any legal evidence of their detention in order to prevent possible lawsuits. Thank God for the release of these believers. Pray their persecutors will be brought to justice.

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