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Christian Martyrs Still Persecuted And
Dying Today In Many Countries
From Email Received 7/03/07

Dates in 2007 --- Persecution and Martyrdom Notes From VOM
About Australia, China, Pakistan, and India


AUSTRALIA: Pastors Settle Religious Vilification Case - Victoria Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scott have settled the religious vilification case they had been fighting in Australia's state of Victoria for the past five years. According to a press release by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Islamic Council of Victoria and Catch the Fire Ministries have agreed that citizens have the right to "robustly debate religion" and "criticize religious beliefs" within the limits of the law. The pastors have spent more than $500,000 defending their right to present their views and insights about Islam. Pray for Christians in Australia and other parts of the world to be bold witnesses for Christ despite attacks against them. 1 Corinthians 15:57; 2 Corinthians 2:14

Pray for CHINA

CHINA: House-Church Leaders Detained in Shangdong and Shaanxi Provinces

In June, police in China arrested church leaders and accused them of being “suspects using evil cults to obstruct the enforcement of the law. "China Aid Association" (CAA), reports Public Security Bureau officers told family members of some of the detained pastors that “any religious activities without permission from the government Religious Affairs Bureau is regarded as evil cult activities. On June 9, the 12 house-church leaders were arrested while they were distributing Bibles in a market in Shaanxi province. Four leaders were released on the same day while the rest were transferred to a detention center without any explanation. The homes of the two detained pastors, Zhou Jieming and Niu Wenbin, were searched without search warrants, and Bibles and Christian literature were confiscated. Meanwhile, on June 15, six house-church leaders were arrested while having a house church service in Zhangba village, Shangdong province. Pray for Christians in China and ask God to encourage and give them boldness to draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Him. Romans 8:28, Isaiah 54:17


PAKISTAN: Armed Muslims Attack Christians in Pakistan

On June 17, 40 Muslim men armed with guns, axes and wooden sticks attacked several believers while they were preparing for an evangelistic meeting at a Salvation Army church in the village of Bismillahlpur Kanthan, near Faisalabad. Seven Christians were injured and the church was desecrated. Local Christians said the attack was sparked by their refusal to cancel the meeting. The night before the attack armed Muslims stormed the house of Sawar Masih, one of the meeting's organizers, and assaulted his two young children and demanded he cancel the event. Christians injured in the June 17 attack were forced to leave the hospital early because the doctors under-reported their wounds due to pressure from the Islamic extremists. Police initially refused to file a complaint against the attackers and did not so only after lobbying efforts of Christians. Several Christians have fled the area in fear of further attacks. Pray for those hurt in the attacks. Ask God to encourage Christians in Pakistan to remain strong in their faith despite persecution. Romans 8:11, Psalm 107:20

Pray for INDIA

INDIA: Christians Beaten by Hindu Extremists

On June 24, a Carmelite priest and four other Christian men were attacked by a group of Hindu militants in Kundapurna, Karnataka state. While the men were in the waiting room of a hospital with a neighbor, Islamic extremists started insulting then and accused them of forcibly converting Hindus. The attackers threw the priest down a flight of stairs and beat him. When the other men came to his aid, they were also beaten. The Christians were then taken to the police station where the militants filed a complaint of forcible conversion against them. All five Christians have been hospitalized for their injuries. Pray for healing for the injured believers. Ask God to encourage and protect Christians in India who face increased persecution. Psalm 103:1-5; Isaiah 53:4-5; 1 Peter 2:24


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