Child's Morality Story
Adapted From Antique British Book in His Library
© By James Dearmore, December, 2009
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A group of boys stood on the walk before a large drugstore, pelting one another with snowballs. In an unlucky moment, the youngest sent a snowball spinning through the frosty air against the druggist's window.

The crash terrified them all, bu none of them so much as the little fellow who now stood pale and trembling, with staring eyes, looking at the mischief he had done.

"Won't old Ross be wild! — Run, Ned; we won't tell. Run quick!"

"I can't," he gasped.

"Run, I tell you; he's coming! Coward! Why don't you run? He wouldn't catch me!"

"Little fool! He'll be caught! Not plucky enough to run away. Well, I've done all I can for him," muttered the older boy.

The door opened and an angry face appeared.

"Who did this?" came in fierce tones from the owner's lips. "Who did this? I say," he shouted. No one answered. The trembling boy drew near. He faced the angry man, and in tones of truth replied, "I did it, sir."

"And you dare to tell me of it? " he said, as he caught Ned by the collar.

"I dare not deny it, sir; I dare not tell a lie."

The reply was unexpected.

The stern man paused: he saw the pale cheek, the frightened eyes in which the soul of truth and courage shone, and his heart was touched.

"Come here, sir. What is your name?"

"Edward Howe, sir. Oh, what can I do to pay you? I'll do anything" his eyes filled with tears --- "only don't make my mother pay it, sir."

"Will you shovel my walk when the next snow falls? "

Ned's face was bright, as he answered, "All winter, sir. I'll do it every time, and more, too, sir. I'll do anything."

"Well, that's enough; and do you know why I let you off so easy? Well, it is because you are not afraid to tell the truth. I like a boy that tells the truth always. When the next snow falls, be sure you come to me."

"I will, sir."

"We'll all help him," shouted the others; and, as they turned away, three hearty cheers were given for Mr. Ross, and three more for the boy that dared not run away.

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