Child's Morality Story
Adapted From Antique British Book
© By James Dearmore, December, 2009
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"Fire! fire ! fire!" rang out through the midnight air.

People started from their sleep and threw up their windows to ask where it was. Some quickly dressed themselves, and ran in the direction of the burning building.

At last a cry was heard that the fireengines were in sight. On they came at a rapid pace. The crowd made way for them. "Are all out of the house?" shouted one of the firemen. " I think so," said a policeman, pointing to a small group of half-dressed people.

Just then there came a cry of horror from the crowd. Mrs. Wilson, able to find only three of her children, had rushed back to the ladder by which she had come down, calling out in her agony, "There are two children yet in the house, little Willie and Mary ! "

Strong hands held her back, and all said that she would only throw away her own life in the attempt to save them.

One of the firemen heard her. He asked in which room the little ones slept, then placed the ladder against the window of that room, And quickly ascended to it. With a few strong blows he made an opening through the sash large enough to admit himself, and, in a moment, was inside.

Several minutes passed, and nothing was heard but the crackling of the flames, the puffing of the engines, and the cries of those who directed the men. With anxious eyes the crowd watched the window through which the brave man had gone.

The firemen were ready to place their ladders against other parts of the building, if needed. Pieces of carpet had been provided to receive any one who might be dropped from a window. Ten minutes passed-it might have been an hour, it seemed so long to the anxious, waiting crowd.

All at once a cry was heard-a cry of pain and dismay, for flames burst forth from the room in which the children slept ! All hope now seemed gone. The mother looked in despair upon the sight : she could not speak. Her grief was terrible to see.

At that moment another cry rent the air, a cry of joy. " There he is ! they are saved! they are saved ! " shouted the people, who were, by this time almost wild with excitement.

Down the front staircase, carrying a child in each arm, the brave fireman was seen making his way.

Unable to return by the window without injury to the children, he had been obliged to feel his way through the smoke to the stairs. He was not a moment too soon; for, with a loud crash, the inside of the building fell close behind him.

How the crowd cheered him, as he placed the children sound in the arms of their grateful mother!

All Honor to the brave fireman!

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