Child's Morality Story
Uncle George's Tiger Story
Adapted From Antique British Book
© By James Dearmore, December, 2009
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(These Morality Stories are from an Antique Book published in England in the 1800's. Shillings, half-crowns, and pounds are the names of various denominations of British money, of course.)

"Now, Uncle George," said Milly, "we are ready to hear the story you were to tell us."

"Well, children, sit down, and I shall tell you a story about a tiger.

"A lady and a gentleman, with their baby, a little boy, were traveling through a lonely part of India.

"One night, they had to sleep near a thick wood, and the lady, after kissing her baby, put him into a swinging cot.

In the middle of the night, she started up and cried out — ‘O my baby! My baby! Where is my baby?'

They looked into the cot, but the baby was not there"You can think how great was their fear.

They ran out of the tent, and saw, by the light of the moon, a great animal moving off toward the wood with something white in its mouth. and taking it away.

"They woke the servants, their loaded guns, went after it.

"They hurried as fast as they could, yet for fear of the animal, making very little noise, which was a tiger, would hear them and run far away into the wood.

Soon they saw through the trees that the tiger had lain down, and was playing with the baby just as a cat plays with a mouse before she kills it.

"O how sad the poor mother felt! How she cried to the men to save HER CHILD! "What could the father and the servants do? Just then one of the men raised his gun, to fire at the tiger."

"The lady seeing him, cried out, you will kill my child? You will kill my child?"

"But the man fired, and the tiger, jumping up, gave a loud cry and fell down, shot dead." "Then they all ran forward, and there was the baby quite safe and smiling, as if he were not at all frightened." "0, uncle, what a strange story! And did the baby really live?" "Yes. The lady was very ill from fright, but the baby was not hurt at all. I have often seen him since then." "O, have you really seen a baby that has been in a tiger's mouth?" "Yes, I have; and you have seen him, too." "We, uncle? When did we see him?" "You can see him now." The children looked all around the room, and then back at Uncle George. Something in his eyes made Milly say, "Uncle, could it have been you? " "Yes," said Uncle George, "I was that very baby." — End of Story

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