Evil in Our Time

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An Abortion Essay by Larry Bohannon

Abortion is the practice of killing the weakest and most defenseless among us.  Yet, tragically, it has been ingrained in our culture.  Since the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, some 40 million abortions have been committed in this nation. i This is almost a third of the number of live babies born during the same time. ii If you go to a high school graduation ceremony this year, consider that one third of the graduating class is missing.  They were deprived of the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness written about by our founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence.  We are shocked when we read about the human sacrifices of ancient cultures.  Yet, our unborn children are routinely sacrificed on the twin altars of feminist ideology and convenience.  We are shocked by the horrors of the German holocaust where six million Jews lost their lives.  Yet in our own American holocaust, over six times that number of innocent babies have lost their lives.  Why has this happened in our “enlightened” time?  What can we do to stop this evil?


Multitudes of people in our society have come to believe that they benefit from abortion.  They have been convinced by endless propaganda that the practice of unrestricted abortion is good and that it must be protected at all costs.  This extreme view comes from the radical feminists who argue foolishly that women should be free to choose to kill their unborn babies.  They fail to see that if a choice needs to be made, it should be made before the conception of a child.  After conception, it is too late.  A child who is an individual has been created.  One of the most important principles of traditional Western civilization is that one individual should not kill another for convenience. iii The feminists have cast this principle aside by allowing women to kill their unborn babies.  There is no real difference between killing a child before or after it is born.


In the minds of radical feminists, men and women are engaged in one big power struggle.  This notion originates from their Marxist heritage.  Karl Marx, whose writings led to the disaster of communism, believed that society was dominated by a struggle between the bourgeoisie (owners of production) and the proletariat (workers).iv Although Marx says nothing about a struggle between men and women, the feminists adapted his revolutionary rhetoric to their own cause. v  Feminists believe that for women to win their struggle, they must have total control over child bearing and be able to kill their unborn babies on demand. vi  Actually, there is no big power struggle between men and women.  If an independent observer from Mars were to come to Earth to study the interactions between men and women, he would not find a state of ongoing war.  He would not find roving bands of men forcing women to produce babies, they do not want.  He would instead find that, in most cases, men and women get along very well together.  The feminists have created this struggle myth to advance their political power.  Unfortunately, they also created our American holocaust.


It is ironic that the same people who support abortion today criticize the ideologies that supported other great evils in the past such as the killing of Jews or slavery.  They cannot see the similarities between their own ideology and those they criticize.  For example, the supporters of slavery during the 1800’s widely argued that slavery was good for slaves.  They said that it was better to be a Christian slave and go to heaven than to be a heathen in Africa. vii  Today, abortion supporters say that it is better for babies to be aborted than to grow up in a home where they are unwanted.  Who are they to decide if a life is meaningless?  Do they think that they are God?  Just because a child is unwanted today does not mean that he is destined to be unwanted for the rest of his life.  The supporters of the final solution in Hitler’s Germany made similar arguments when they advocated exterminating the mentally ill and others.  During the times of slavery and the holocaust, multitudes of people supported these practices behind the scenes.  Without their support, these evils could not have occurred.  There is a question to ask people who support abortion today.  It is whether they would also support slavery or the holocaust had they lived back in those times. 


Nothing illustrates the total depravity of the pro-abortion activists better than their support for partial birth abortion.  In this procedure, the baby's head remains inside the Mother and some sharp object is stuck in its brain.  The baby is only inches away from having full constitutional rights.  Anyone can see that this is only a very cynical attempt by the abortionist to kill the baby, collect his fee and not be charged with murder.  It is unbelievable that the pro-abortion activists defend this savage procedure.  They say that the life of the Mother would be harmed if we did not allow it.  Of course, there would be no chance for any harm to the Mother if the baby were allowed to be born and then be put up for adoption.  This is another desperate lie made by the pro-abortion activists to prop up their evil ideology.  They realize that by giving in on partial birth abortion, the other pro-abortion lies would fall like a house of cards.


For illustration purposes, let us assume that the practice of drinking milk was widely considered immoral.  Let us further say that the evilness of drinking milk was obvious to everyone, including children.  What is the best way for a minority of milk drinkers to get their behavior accepted by the majority?  The milk drinkers know that they cannot convince enough people to accept their position by direct argument alone.  The only way to get their immoral behavior accepted would be to change the definition of commonly understood words.  For example, they might start referring to milk as flavored water.  You see, to drink flavored water is not immoral.  The pro-abortion activists have foisted on us this same semantic game.  They have changed the meaning of the word life.  They say that an unborn baby is not alive.  It is only a mass of tissue like a tumor.  Every child in America knows that this is a lie.  They have changed the meaning of murder and killing.  They say performing an abortion is not the same as killing a child.  They refer to the unborn child as a fetus.  Fetus is a perfectly good Latin word for fruitful or bringing forth. viii  However, it sounds inhuman to our ears.  They even changed the name of their movement from pro-abortion to pro-choice.  You see it is widely believed in this country that individuals should be free to make their own choices.  The name pro-choice gives the evil abortion movement an aura of American liberty and apple pie.  Slavery supporters played the same semantic games in their own time.  They said that a slave was not a human like everyone else.  He was only property.  Property can be acquired and even destroyed, at the convenience of the owner.  In the same way, a slave could be bought, sold, or killed.  Nazis also played the same semantic games.  They said that Jews were inferior humans.  This enabled them to carry out the holocaust while hidden in the darkness of the concentration camps. 


The pro-abortion activists always claim that they are protecting the lives of women by maintaining abortion rights.  You can rest assured that their efforts have nothing to do with protecting the lives of women.  It has everything to do with maintaining their political power.  By repeating this lie over and over again, they are able to slander our side by accusing us of not caring about women.  Of course, we care about the lives of women.  We also care about the lives of their babies.  If you listen to the rhetoric of the pro-abortion activists, you would be convinced that most abortions are committed to save the life of the Mother.  This is not the case.  Almost all abortions are committed for the purposes of convenience and economics.  To dramatize the “need” for safe and legal abortions, activists frequently present before us an image of desperate women getting dangerous back-alley abortions where a wire is used.  They have even turned a clothes hanger into a symbol to present this image.  To fall for this, one must have a low opinion about the intelligence of women.  Surely, few if any women would allow themselves to be mutilated in this manner. Those that would have other problems that legalized abortion would not cure.  How many millions of babies are the pro-abortion activists willing to sacrifice just to save a few mentally deranged women?  Another lie used against us is that we really do not care about the children.  The pro-abortion activists portray us as wanting to put the unwanted children saved from abortion into impoverished orphanages.  Although the children would find this better than their fate at the hands of the pro-abortion activists, it is simply not true.  Many of the children saved from abortion would be wanted by their extended families.  Others would find homes with adoptive families.  If we were successful in preventing any more abortions, there would be no need to cram unwanted children into orphanages. 


As good moral people, what are we to do about this evil of abortion?  Is there really anything that we can do to end it?  Yes there is.  We should vote only for pro-life candidates.  By our apathy, we have allowed the other side to capture our federal government, our news media, and our educational institutions.  We need to help change the hearts and minds of those who support abortion rights.  We need to teach our children the truth so that they will not fall for the lies.  We need to teach our young girls that abortion is not an option.  This will protect them against the siren song of those who promise that abortion is an easy way out of a problem.  It is not too late to end abortion.  We can turn it around.  Let us start by understanding from where the pro-choice movement draws its support.  Its supporters can perhaps be categorized into four groups.  They are the true believers, the convenience crowd, the don’t rock the boat people, and the abortion providers.


True Believers - The true believers are radical feminists who have convinced themselves that evil is good and good is evil.  This group supplies the energy and ideology for the three other groups.  As a group, the true believers are small in number but they seem large because the media amplifies their message.  This message should be countered at every turn if we are going to defeat abortion by political means.  We need a continual nationwide advertising campaign of pro-life messages with no let up until the forces of abortion are defeated.  Our presence outside abortion facilities should be dignified and orderly.  Women seeking abortions are often helpless and confused.  Our focus should be to offer them a sane and safe alternative.  We should not get into yelling matches on the sidewalk with feminists and abortion providers.  To do so is counter productive and plays into the hands of a hostile media.


Convenience Crowd - The convenience crowd is made up of morally weak people.  They have a hard time determining the differences between right and wrong.  They are truly victims of this morally confused age.  They have been taught all their lives that there are no absolutes.  The members of this group are likely to be swayed by the argument that abortion is somehow good for the unwanted babies.  Many men are in this group.  They want the freedom to have irresponsible sex and then abort any “mistakes”.  They want to escape the paying of child support by destroying the evidence.  Tragically, there are probably many parents in this group.  They want to be able to abort any “mistakes” made by their teenage girls.  Since the convenience crowd has no moral center of their own, they are affected by any loud moral messages.  The constant barrage of propaganda from the pro-abortion activists has deadened their moral senses.  We can help build their moral backbone with a continual advertising campaign. 


Don’t Rock the Boat  - People who are personally against abortion but vote for pro-choice candidates are included in this group.  Many vote for pro-choice candidates because of party loyalty.  Unfortunately, one of our political parties has been completely taken over by the pro-abortion movement.  People need to be persuaded that the respect for life under God is fundamental.  It is the source of our civil rights.  Other issues, such as gun control, the minimum wage, or campaign finance reform cannot be, by themselves, reasons to support a candidate.  Also in this don’t rock the boat group are people who are personally against abortion but do not feel that it is right to force their views on others.  Not forcing views on others was a strategy adopted by the feminist and other radical groups in the 60’s in order to shut out traditional values.  They were able to get the churches and other traditional groups of the time to be quiet while they spewed their filthy views on others.  Unfortunately, their strategy worked and now our culture is in a state of moral chaos.  We need to encourage the good people to stand up for their beliefs.  We can reach them with a continual advertising campaign.  


Abortion Providers - The abortion providers' benefit directly from every abortion they commit.  Ever since President Clinton removed restrictions on fetal research early on in his term, the abortion providers have been selling late term baby parts for research to pharmaceutical companies and universities.  Depending on the parts ordered, the abortion providers are able to make some $1,500 per baby by engaging in this evil trade. ix This is in addition to the $335 and up that they charge for each abortion. xi Unfortunately, this creates a huge economic incentive to continue abortion.  The selling of baby parts is probably the reason for the partial birth abortion procedure.  The normal abortion procedures destroy the baby’s body.  Abortionists needed a way to kill babies and not damage their parts.  Abortion providers as well as some in the convenience crowd argue that we may as well use the parts instead of wasting them.  However, this same flawed logic led to the inhuman medical experiments on twins during the holocaust.  These abortion providers truly have blood on their hands.  They can only carry out their evil while hidden in the darkness of the abortion clinics.  They are the equivalent of the gas chamber operators during the holocaust and the slave traders during slavery.  They will certainly receive their reward in the next life.


There is reason for optimism in this fight against abortion.  The true believers on the anti-abortion side vastly outnumber the true believers on the pro-abortion side.  Since there is no convenience at being anti-abortion, most supporters of our side are true believers.  We have truth and goodness on our side.  They have lies and evil on theirs.  Born in each of us is a yearning for this truth and goodness.  This we know because all children are instinctively repulsed by great evils such as abortion.  Because of this yearning, we will eventually overcome abortion just like slavery was finally overcome.  In the future, people will ask about our generation the same questions that we ask about those who lived during the times of slavery.  Why did they allow it to happen?  Where were all the good people? 


To be successful, all we have to do is drown out the pro-abortion message.  The feminists were able to sneak the Roe v. Wade decision past the American people with hardly a fight.  Well, now is the time for us to fight.  We need to take the "coolness" out of being pro-choice.  When this happens, the shallow politicians who wear the pro-choice label like a badge of honor will drop it like a hot potato.  Taking the coolness out of pro-choice will also reach the convenience crowd and the don’t rock the boat group.  There has never been a continual anti-abortion advertising campaign over the entire nation.  There has never even been a nationwide mailer to all the homes in America.  The Internal Revenue Service sends out nationwide mailers all the time.  We can do the same.  The pro-abortion side has captured the media.  Therefore, we need to bypass it with our own message and go directly to the American people.  The churches and synagogues need to be fully mobilized in the fight against this evil.  They have been silenced every time the enemy yells the magic words  “separation of church and state”.  Why should we abide by the rules of our cultural enemies?  The leaders of churches and synagogues should not be bullied.  They should strongly encourage all their members to register to vote and to vote only for pro-life candidates.  The issue of abortion is not just a political one.  It is very much a religious one.  It drives straight to the heart of our beliefs.  My friends, we have never even tried these winning strategies.  This is why I am so optimistic about our eventual success.


As a final analogy, we can look at events during the Civil War.  At first, things went badly for the North.  The Confederates in the South, although outnumbered, were winning most of the battles.  Then, President Lincoln appointed Grant as Lieutenant General of all Union Armies. xi At the time, the common practice of warfare was to rest after fighting a battle.  Both sides would withdraw, not only to bury their dead, but also to rest and obtain supplies. However, Grant changed this practice.  He was like a bulldog.  He attacked, attacked, and attacked.  This strategy was pursued for almost a year, and it   buckled the knees of the Confederate army.  To end abortion, we need to do the same thing.  We need to attack repeatedly and without rest, not with lies and distortion, but with the truth given to us by God.  We are the people of Life, and Life must prevail over death.  If the pro-abortion forces are strong, it is because of our weakness.  It is now time to rouse ourselves.  By our faithfulness and stubborn adherence to the truth, we will prevail.  We must prevail.  It is by God’s help that we as a people will overcome this plague of abortion that has infected our land.

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I am grateful to my brother Claude Lee Bohannon.  As an English major, he helped to calm some of my crudest writing impulses.


An Abortion Essay by:
Larry Bohannon


(NOTE FROM "gospelweb.net" WEBMASTER: Here is a well organized treatment of many of the moral, ethical, religious, and legal positions relative to Abortion today in America. It is being distributed widely by the National Right to Life Committee, and by others, and we publish it here at the request and with the permission of Larry Bohannon himself. It is well worth your time to READ and then send a COPY of this Essay on to several of your friends, and thus help to educate public opinion to demand a stop to the horrendous slaughter of millions of babies in the "land of the free, and the home of the brave".)

Essay Published Here by Permission April 3, 2000

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