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219. The Earnest.

That holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance. - Ephesians 1:13-14.

HEAVEN is ours by inheritance. It is not purchased by merit nor won by strength, but obtained by birthright.

Of this inheritance, we have a foretaste here below; and that foretaste is of the nature of a pledge or earnest, guaranteeing our coming to full possession.

An earnest is of the same nature as the ultimate blessing of which it is an earnest. A pledge is returned, but an earnest is retained as part of the thing promised.

Great enjoyment attends the possession of the earnest of our inheritance when rightly understood


He is not only the pledge, but the foretaste of everlasting bliss.

1. His entrance into the soul brings with it that same life which enters heaven, namely, the eternal life.

2. His abiding in us consecrates us to the same purpose to which we shall be devoted throughout eternity, namely, the service of the Lord our God.

3. His work in us creates that same holiness which is essential to the enjoyment of heaven.

4. His influence over us brings us that same communion with God which we shall enjoy forever in heaven.

5. His being ours is as much as heaven being ours, if not more; for if we possess the God of heaven, we possess heaven and more.

The possession of the Spirit is the dawn of glory.


1. Rest. This is a leading idea of heaven, and we have rest at this moment in Jesus Christ (Heb. 4:3).

2. Delight in service. We serve the Lord with gladness even now.

3. Joy over repenting sinners. This we can now attain.

4. Communion with saints. How sweet even in this imperfect state!

5. Enlarged knowledge of God and of all divine things. Here also we know in part the same things which are known above.

6. Victory over sin, Satan, and the world.

7. Security in Christ Jesus.

8. Nearness to our Beloved.

By these windows, we look into the things which God has prepared for them that love him. "He hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit?"

III. THERE IS A VERY DARK CONTRAST TO THIS BRIGHT THEME. There are "evident tokens of perdition;" pledges of woe.

There are also earnests and foretastes of the eternal state of misery.

Ungodly men may pretty clearly guess what sin will bring them to when it has ripened. Let them learn fromó

1. The fruit of some sins in this life: shame, rags, disease, etc.

2. Their fear of death, alarm at the thought of it.

3. Their frequent unrest and foreboding. "They flee when no man pursueth"; they are "tossed to and fro as the locust?"

4. Disappointments in their companions, mutual quarrels and hates. What will it be to be shut up with such persons for ever?

5. Their distaste for good things, inability to pray, etc., all earnests of the impossibility of their joining saints and angels in heaven.

Oh, to be filled by the Spirit so as to find heaven begun below!

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