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220. The Royal Family.

Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. - Ephesians 3:15.

MANY are the weights which drag us toward earth and the cords which bind us to it.

Among these last our families are not the least.

We need an upward impulse. Oh, that we may find it in the text! There is a blessed connection between saints below and saints above.

Oh, to feel that we are one family!


1. The keyword is "family."

· A building sets forth the unity of the builder's design.

· A flock, unity of the shepherd's possession.

· The title of citizen implies unity of privilege.

· The idea of an army displays unity of object and pursuit.

Here we have something closer and more instructive still: "family"

· The same Father, and thus unity of relationship.

· The same life, and so unity of nature.

· The same mutual love growing out of nature and relations.

· The same desires, interests, joys, and cares.

· The same home for abode, security, and enjoyment.

· The same inheritance to be soon possessed.

2. The link word is "whole." "Whole family in heaven and earth." There is but one family, and it is a whole.

On earth we find a portion of the family ---

· Sinning and repenting, not yet made perfect.

· Suffering and despised, strangers and foreigners among men.

· Dying and groaning, because yet in the body.

In heaven, we find another part of the family—

· Serving and rejoicing. Sinless and free from all infirmity.

· Honoring God and honored by him.

· Free from sighing and engrossed in singing.

The militant and the triumphant are one undivided family.

3. The crowning word is "named."

We are named after the Firstborn, even Jesus Christ.

Thus are we all acknowledged to be as truly sons as the Lord Jesus, for the same name is named on us.

Thus is he greatly honored among us. His name is glorified by each one who truly bears it.

Thus are we greatly honored in him by bearing so august a name.

Thus are we taught whom to imitate. We must justify the name.

Thus are we forcibly reminded of his great love to us, his great gift to us, his union with us, and his value of us.


Let us now endeavor to feel and display a family feeling.

1. As members of one family, let us enjoy the things we have in common.

We all have:

· The same occupations. It is our meat and drink to serve the Lord, to bless the brotherhood, and to win souls.

· The same delights: communion, assurance, and expectation.

· The same love from the Father.

· The same justification and acceptance with our God.

· The same rights to the throne of grace, angelic ministration, divine provision, and spiritual illumination.

· The same anticipations: growth in grace, perseverance to the end, and glory at the end.

2. As members of one family, let us be familiar with each other.

3. As members of one family, let us practically help each other.

4. As members of one family, let us lay aside all dividing names, aims, feelings, ambitions, and beliefs.

5. As members of one family, let us strive for the honor and kingdom of our Father who is in heaven.

Let us seek out the lost members of the family.

Let us cherish the forgotten members of the family.

Let us strive for the peace and unity of the family.

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