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222. The Head And The Body.

The head, even Christ: from whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love. - Ephesians 4:15-16.

THE words are as "compacted" as the body itself.

We shall not attempt full or even accurate exposition of the original, but dwell on the figure of the English text, undoubtedly a scriptural one, and full of profitable instruction.

Four subjects are brought before us in the text—

I. OUR UNION TO CHRIST. "The head, even Christ."

1. Essential to life. Severed from him, we are dead.

2. Essential to growth. We grow up into him who is the Head.

3. Essential to perfection. What should we be without a Head?

4. Essential to every member. The strongest needs union to the head as much as the weakest.

II. OUR INDIVIDUALITY. "Every joint"; "every part." Each one must mind his own office.

1. We must each one personally see to his own vital union with the body and chiefly with the Head.

2. We must be careful to find and keep our fit position in the body.

3. We must be careful of our personal health for the sake of the whole body, for one ailing member injures the whole.

4. We must be careful of our growth, for the sake of the whole body.

The most careful self-watch will not be a selfish measure, but a sanitary duty involved by our relationship to the rest.

III. OUR RELATIONSHIP TO EACH OTHER. "Joined together"; "that which every joint supplieth."

1. We should in desire and spirit be fitted to work with others. We are to have joints. How could there be a body without them?

2. We should supply the joint-oil of love when so doing; indeed, each one must yield his own peculiar influence to the rest.

3. We should aid the compactness of the whole by our own solidity and healthy firmness in our place.

4. We should perform our service for all. We should guard, guide, support, nourish, and comfort the rest of the members, as our function may be.

IV. OUR COMPACT UNITY AS A CHURCH. "The body edifying itself in love."

1. There is but one body of Christ, even as he is the one Head.

2. It is an actual, living union, not a mere professed unity, but a body quickened by "the effectual working" of God's Spirit in every part.

3. It is a growing corporation. It increases by mutual edification, not by being puffed up, but by being built up. It grows as the result of its own life, sustained by suitable food.

4. It is an immortal body. Because the Head lives, the body must live also.

Are we in the body of Christ?

Are we not concerned to see it made perfect?

Are we ministering the supply which the body may fairly expect from us as members?

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