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238. Gospel Jewelry.

That they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. - Titus 2:10.

THE apostle greatly values the doctrine of the gospel, or he would not care so much to have it adorned.

The apostle highly esteems the practical part of religion; hence he regards it as the beauty and ornament of the gospel. What a wide range of practical instruction we find in this short letter! With what holy ingenuity is this interwoven with the doctrine!

We are bidden to obey the precept that we may adorn the doctrine.

We have in our text—

I. A NAME OF ADORNMENT FOR THE GOSPEL. "The doctrine of God our Saviour."

1. It sets forth its greatness: "doctrine of God."

· Our fall, ruin, sin, and punishment were great.

· Our salvation and redemption are great.

· Our safety, happiness, and hopes are great.

2. It sets forth its certainty. It is "of God."

· It comes by revelation of God.

· It is guaranteed by the fidelity of God.

· It is as immutable as God himself.

3. It sets forth its relation to Christ Jesus: "of God our Saviour."

· He is the author of it.

· He is the substance of it.

· He is the proclaimer of it.

· He is the object of it. The gospel glorifies Jesus.

4. It sets forth its authority.

· The whole system of revealed truth is of God.

· The Savior himself is God, and hence he must be accepted.

· The gospel itself is divine. God mind is embodied in the doctrine of the Lord Jesus and to reject it is to reject God.

Let us believe, honor, defend, and propagate this "doctrine of God our Saviour." What else is so worthy of our love and zeal?


This is a remarkable verse. Observe—

1. The persons who are to adorn the gospel.

· In Paul's day, bond servants or slaves.

· In our day, poor servants of the humblest order.

Strange that these should be set to such a task!

Yet, the women slaves adorned their mistresses, and both men and women of the poorest class were quite ready to adorn themselves.

From none does the gospel receive more honor than from the poor.

2. The way in which these persons could specially adorn the gospel:

· By obedience to their masters (verse 9).

· By endeavors to please them: "please them well."

· By restraining their tongues: "not answering again."

· By scrupulous honesty: "not purloining" (verse 10).

· By trustworthy character: "showing all good fidelity."

All this would make their masters admire the religion of Jesus.

3. The way of adornment of the doctrine in general.

Negatively, it is found:

· Not in the decoration of the building, the priest, the choir, or the worshippers.

· Nor in the attraction of peculiar garb and speech.

· Nor in the finery of philosophical thought.

· Nor in the tawdriness of rhetorical speech.

Positively, it lies in another direction.

· We must adorn it by our godly lives.

· Adornment, if really so, is suitable to beauty. Holiness, mercifulness, cheerfulness are congruous with the gospel.

· Adornment is often a tribute to beauty. Such is a godly conversation; it honors the gospel.

· Adornment is an advertisement of beauty. Holiness calls attention to the natural beauty of the gospel.

· Adornment is an enhancement of beauty. Godliness gives emphasis to the excellence of doctrine.

Let us all endeavor to adorn the gospel, by:

· Strict integrity in business.

· Constant courtesy of behavior.

· Unselfish love to all around us.

· Quick forgiveness of injuries.

· Abundant patience under trials.

· Holy calm and self-possession at all times.

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