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257. Victorious Faith.

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. - I John 5:4.

WHAT is meant by this world? The power of sin all around us: the influence which operates towards evil, and makes the commandments and purposes of God grievous to society. The Prince of this world has much to do with this evil power.

This world is our foe, and we must fight with it.

We must contend till we overcome the world, or it will overcome us.

I. THE CONQUEST ITSELF. "Overcometh the world."

We are not to be litigious, eager to contradict everybody.

We are not, however, to be cowardly, and anxious to flee the fight.

We mingle among men of the world, but it must be as warriors who are ever on the watch, and are aiming at victory. Therefore—

1. We break loose from the world's customs.

2. We maintain our freedom to obey a higher Master in all things.

· We are not enslaved by dread of poverty, greed of riches, official command, personal ambition, love of honor, fear of shame, or force of numbers.

3. We are raised above circumstances, and find our happiness in invisible things: thus we overcome the world.

4. We are above the world's authority. Its ancient customs or novel edicts are for its own children; we do not own it as a ruler, or as a judge.

5. We are above its example, influence, and spirit. We are crucified to the world, and the world is crucified to us.

6. We are above its religion. We gather our religion from God and his Word, not from human sources.

As one in whom this conquest was seen, read the story of Abraham. Think of him in connection with his quitting home, his lonely wanderings, his conduct towards Lot, Sodom and her king, Isaac, etc.

II. THE CONQUERING NATURE. "Whatsoever is born of God."

1. This nature alone will undertake the contest with the world.

2. This nature alone can continue it. All else wearies in the fray.

3. This nature is born to conquer. God is the Lord, and that which is born of him is royal and ruling.

· It is not an amendment of the former creation.

· It is not even a new creation without relationship to its Creator; but it is a birth from God, with eminence of descent, infusing similarity of nature, and conferring rights of heirship.

· The Creator cannot be overcome, nor those born of him.

· Jesus, the firstborn, never was defeated, nor will those conformed to him fail of ultimate triumph.

· The Holy Spirit in us must be victorious, for how should he be vanquished? The idea would be blasphemous.


We are enabled to be conquerors through regarding—

1. The unseen reward which awaits us.

2. The unseen presence which surrounds us. God and a cloud of witnesses hold us in full survey.

3. The mystic union to Christ, which grace has wrought in us. Resting in Jesus, we overcome the world.

4. The sanctifying communion which we enjoy with the unseen God.

In these ways faith operates towards overcoming sin.

IV. THE SPECIALITY OF IT. "This is the victory."

1. For salvation, finding the rest of faith.

2. For imitation, finding the wisdom of Jesus, the Son of God.

3. For consolation, seeing victory secured to us in Jesus.

Behold your conflict: born to battle.

Behold your triumph: bound to conquer.

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