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30. A King Sent In Love.

Then Huram the king of Tyre answered in writing, which he sent to Solomon, Because the Lord hath loved his people, he hath made thee king over them. - II Chronicles 2:11.

Such was the character of Solomon, that even Huram could see that he was a blessing to the people over whom he ruled. Be it ours to bless others, whatever our station may be. May it be observed concerning us that, because the Lord loved the family he made us heads of it, friends to it, or servants in it; and so forth.

Even a heathen could trace great blessings to God's love; what heathens those are who do not speak of the Lord's goodness, but talk of "chance" and "good luck"!

It is a great blessing when communications between rulers savor of a pious courtesy, as these between Solomon and Huram.

This verse may well be applied to our Lord Jesus. May the Holy Spirit bless our meditation thereon.


1. It is not, then, a burden to be under law to Christ: his commandments are not grievous (1 John 5:3).

2. Jesus did not need us for subjects, but we needed to be under the rule and headship of Jesus. It is for our guidance, comfort, honor, growth, success, peace, and safety.

3. It brings us great happiness to obey our Prince. His laws are simply indications of where our felicity lies.

4. The personal character of our King is such that it is a great blessing to his subjects to have him as their Monarch.

So wise: therefore able to judge and to direct.

So powerful: therefore able to enrich and to defend.

So gracious: therefore laying himself out to benefit us all.

So holy: therefore elevating and purifying his people. In this Solomon failed, but Jesus succeeded.

5. His relationship to us makes it a great blessing to have him for our King. We are not under the tyranny of a stranger; but to us is fulfilled the word of the prophet: "Their nobles shall,be of themselves, and their governor shall proceed from the midst of them" (Jer. 30:21).

The Lord Jesus is, to all of us who are believers:

Our Brother. Therefore it is no bondage to follow him.

Our Redeemer. Therefore it is joy to own his property in us.

Our Husband. Who would not do the bidding of one so loving?

It is a delight to obey him in all things who has blessed us in all things.


1. We see this in the choice which the Lord has made of us. We were like Israel:

Insignificant in rank, power, or wisdom.

Erring, and continually apt to revolt from our King.

Poor, and therefore unable to pay him any great revenue.

Feeble, and therefore no help to him in his grand designs.

Fickle, and consequently a wretched people to rule and lead.

2. We see this in his subduing us.

We began with rebellion, but our Prince conquered us, and brought us under happy subjection because of his great love.

3. We see this in the healthy order he maintains. It is good for us to be under so wise a rule. Love gives rebels a powerful, gracious, and forbearing ruler. A firm hand and a loving heart will tame the unruly, and be a boon to them.

4. We see this in the peace which he creates: the quiet within and without: in the heart and in the church (1 Kings 4:24).

5. We see this in the plenty which he scatters. "And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones, and cedar trees made he as the sycamore trees that are in the vale for abundance" (2 Chron. 1:15). Far greater are the riches of grace which the reign of Jesus brings to us.

6. We see this in the honor he puts upon us, making us all to be kings and priests with him (Rev. 1:5-6).


1. It makes his courts our delight.

2. It makes his service our recreation.

3. It makes his revenue our riches.

4. It makes his glory our honor.

5. It makes his cross our crown.

6. It makes himself our heaven.

Lord, bless thy people, by keeping them loyal and obedient.

Lord, bless rebellious ones, by bringing them to bow before so gracious and wise a Prince.

Lord, we now bless thee for exalting Jesus, to be a Prince and a Savior to us. May his Spirit rest upon us!

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