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44. Pride Catechized.

Should it be according to thy mind? He will recompense it, whether thou refuse, or whether thou choose; and not I: therefore speak what thou knowest. - Job 34:33.

It is never wise to dispute with God. Especially upon the matter of salvation. No sinner seeking pardon should be so foolish as to dispute with his Sovereign Savior.

I. A QUESTION. "Should it be according to thy mind?"

Should salvation be planned to suit you? Should beggars be choosers? Should these who profess penitence become dictators?

1. What is it to which you object?

Is there something objectionable in the plan of salvation? Is it too much of grace? Is it too simple? Is it too general? Is it too humbling? Do you dislike the method of substitution? Do you rebel against the Deity of the Savior?

Is there a cause of stumbling in the working out of salvation? Does the cross scandalize you? Do you dislike the work of the Holy Spirit? Are his operations too radical? Is regeneration too spiritual? Is holiness irksome?

Are its requirements too exact? Too Puritanical?

Are its statements too humiliating? Too denunciatory?

Is its term of service too protracted? Would you prefer a temporary faith? A transient obedience?

2. Should not God have his way? He is the Donor of salvation; shall he not do as he wills with his own?

3. Is not God's way best? Is not the Infinitely Good the best Controller, the best Ruler of the feast?

4. Should it be according to a mind that is ignorant? Fickle? Feeble? Selfish? Short-sighted? Is not yours such?

5. Why is your mind to be supreme? Why not another man's mind? You see the absurdity in that case; why not in your own?

II. A WARNING. "He will recompense it, whether thou refuse, or whether thou choose."

Whether sinners accept or refuse salvation:

1. God will perform his pleasure.

2. God will punish sin.

3. God will glorify Christ by conversions.

4. God will magnify his own name before an assembled universe.5. God will carry on his work of mercy in the one way which he has chosen, and he will not alter one jot or tittle to please vainglorious man.

III. A PROTEST. "And not I."

1. I am not the person to be disputed with: you are not dealing with man but with God. "He will recompense it... and not I." Therefore there is no use in deceit or in defiance: thus you may overcome a mortal, but not the Eternal.

2. I will not be responsible for you. You yourself are sinning, and must answer for it, and no friend or minister can stand for you when God recompenses your sin upon you.

3. I will not share in your rebellion. "Not I." We must keep clear of complicity with the obstinate man who dictates to his God. It is a grand thing to be able to say distinctly,"Not I."

IV. AN INVITATION. "Therefore speak what thou knowest."

1. Exercise your freedom. Choose or reject; it is at your own peril.

2. Exercise your reason. Be sure that you know by personal observation and experience, and let your decision be based upon unquestionable knowledge.

3. Exercise your influence and speak as you think; but mind what you do; for an account must be given of your words.

4. Better exercise your truthfulness and bear witness to facts, rather than criticize the methods of the Lord.

Do not cavil at God's methods of grace, for certainly you cannot alter them, and if you could alter them you would not improve them.

Join not with others in their cavilings. It may be fashionable to criticize and doubt, but it is mischievous, presumptuous, and rebellious. Doubters may be in great repute among their own class, but they are poor creatures after all. Those who are wiser than God are fools in capitals.

Decide for yourself, but let it be with knowledge and thought; and when you have decided do not think that everybody else is to bow to your judgment. Bow before the Lord, and let your judgment be more eager to obey the truth for itself, than to rule over others.

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