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46. Good Cheer for the Needy.

For the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. - Psalm 9:18.

The practical value of a text very much depends upon the man to whom it comes The song of the troubadour was charming to Richard Coeur-de-Lion because he knew the responsive verses. The trail is full of meaning to the Indian, for his quick eye knows how to follow it; it would not mean a tithe as much to a white man. The sight of the lighthouse is cheering to the mariner, for from it he gathers his where- abouts. So will those who are spiritually poor and needy eagerly lay hold on this promise, prize it, and live upon it with content.

It is literally true that the needy are remembered of God, and though they may be overlooked by man's laws, the Lord will rectify that error at the last. In better times also he will so order governments that they shall look with peculiar interest upon the poor. Using the text spiritually we see:


1. "The needy shall not always be forgotten." You have been forgotten

By former friends and admirers.

In arrangements made, and plans projected.

In judgments formed, and in praises distributed.

In help estimated, and reliance expressed.

In fact, you have not been a factor in the calculation; you have been forgotten as a dead man out of mind. This has wounded you deeply, for there was a time when you were consulted among the first.

This will not be so always.

2."The expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever." You have been disappointed,

In your natural expectation from justice, gratitude, relationship, age, sympathy, charity, etc.

In your confidence in man.

In your judgment of yourself.

In your expectations of providence.

This disappointment shall only be temporary. Your expectation shall not perish for ever: you shall yet receive more than you expected.


1. Not for ever shall you be forgotten,

You shall not meet with final forgetfulness

In the day of severe trouble.

In the night of grief and alarm for sin.

In the hour of death.

2. Nor shall your expectation perish,

Your weakness shall not frustrate the power of God.

Your sin shall not dry up the grace of God.

Your constitutional infirmities shall not cause your overthrow.

Your future trials shall not be too much for you.


1. "Not always be forgotten;" you shall not be overlooked:

In the arrangements of providence.

At the mercy-seat, when you are pleading.

From the pulpit, and in the Word, when your soul is hungering.

At the Breaking of Bread, when you long for communion with your Lord.

In your sufferings and service, when to be thought of by the Lord will be your main consolation.

By the angels, or by any other spiritual agencies.

By the Father, Son, or Holy Ghost.

2. "Expectation shall not perish for ever." You shall not be disappointed

Peace shall visit your heart.

Sin shall be vanquished without and within.

Mercy shall deliver in trial and out of trial.

Assurance shall be gained, and all its strong confidence.

Eminent joys shall be obtained, and an abundant entrance into glory.

Let the poor man hope in God.

Let him feast on the future if he find the present to be scant.

Above all, let him rest in the promise of a faithful God.

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