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51. Living Praise.

The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence. But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the Lord. - Psalm 115:17-18.

The living God should be adored by a living people. A blessing God should be blessed by a blessing people. Whatever others do, we ought to bless Jehovah. When we bless him we should not rest till others do the same: we should cry to them, "Praise the Lord." Our example and our persuasion should rouse them to praise.

I. A MOURNFUL MEMORY. "The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence."

This reminds us:

1. Of silenced voices in the choirs of Zion. Good men and true who neither sing nor speak among us any longer.

2. Of our own speedy silence: so far as this world is concerned, we shall soon be among the dead and silent ones.

3. Of the ungodly around us, who are already spiritually dead, and can no more praise the Lord than if they were dumb.

4. Of lost souls in hell. Never will these bless the Lord.

II. A HAPPY RESOLUTION. "But we will bless the Lord."

In heart, song, testimony, action, we are resolved to give the Lord our loving praise, becauseó

1. We live. Shall we not bless him who keeps us in being?

2. We live spiritually, and this demands perpetual thanksgiving.

3. We are blessed of the Lord: shall we not bless him?

4. He will bless us. More and more will he reveal his love to us: let us praise him more and more. Be this our steadfast vow, that we will bless the Lord, come what may.

III. AN APPROPRIATE COMMENCEMENT. "We will bless the Lord from this time forth."

1. When the heathen ask, "Where is now their God?" (verse 2), let us reply courageously to all atheistic questions, and meet infidelity with joyous adoration.

2. When under a sense of mercy, we are led to sing "The Lord hath been mindful of us" (verse 12), let us then bless him.

3. When spiritually renewed and comforted. When the four times repeated words, "He will bless? have come true in our experience, and the Lord has increased us with every personal and family blessing (verses 12-14), then let all that is within us bless the holy name of the Lord.

4. When led to confess Christ. Then should we begin the never-ending life-psalm. Service and song should go together.

5. When years end and begin New Years' days, birthdays, etc., let us bless God for:

∑ Sin of the year forgiven.

∑ Need of the year supplied.

∑ Mercy of the year enjoyed.

∑ Fears of the year removed.

∑ Hopes of the year fulfilled.

Let us from this very moment magnify the name of the Lord. Let our hearts turn each beat into music as we inwardly bless him. We have robbed him of his glory long enough.

IV. AN EVERLASTING CONTINUANCE. "From this time forth and for evermore."

1. Weariness shall not suspend it. We will renew our strength as we bless the Lord.

2. Final falling shall not end it: the Lord will keep our soul in his way, and make us praise him all our days.

3. Nor shall death so much as interrupt our songs, but raise them to a purer and fuller strain.

4. Nor shall any supposable calamity deprive the Lord of our gratitude. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord" (Job 1:21).

One by one the singers in the consecrated choir steal away from us, and we miss their music: let us feel as if baptized for the dead.

Will no one here engage in the choir, and rehearse on earth the sonnets of heaven?

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