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61. Good News.

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. - Proverbs 25:25. It is only on hot summer days that we can appreciate the illustration here employed; for we dwell in a well-watered country where thirst is readily assuaged. Yet we can imagine ourselves in the condition of Hagar, Ishmael, and Samson; or of a caravan in the desert; or of poor sailors in a boat upon the salt sea, dying for a draught of water.

When separated from friends by their journeying, or by our own, or when we have a trading interest in foreign ports, or a holy concern in missions, good news from a far country is eminently refreshing.

We shall use the text in three ways.

I. GOOD NEWS FOR SINNERS FROM GOD. Sin put men into a far country, but here is the good news,

1. God remembers you with pity.

2. He has made a way for your return.

3. He has sent a messenger to invite you home.

4. Many have already returned, and are now rejoicing.

5. He has provided all means for bringing you home.

6. You may return at once. "All things are ready."

If this good news be received, it will be exceedingly refreshing to thirsty souls. To others it will be commonplace.


1. News does come from heaven. By the Spirit's application of the Word, and by the sweet whispers of Jesus' love.

2. To keep up this intercourse is most refreshing, and it is very possible; for Jesus delights to commune with us, the Father himself loveth us, and the Holy Spirit abideth with us for ever.

3. If for a while suspended, the renewal is sweeter than ever, even as cold water is doubly refreshing to a specially thirsty soul.

4. The news itself may thus be summarized:

The Father on the throne of Providence works all things for your good.

The Lord Jesus is interceding, preparing a place for you, and representing you before God.

He will shortly come in his glory.

Many like yourself are with him in the Father's house above.

You are wanted there: they cannot be a perfect family till you are brought home.

Receive this, and feel the attractions of heaven drawing you above the distractions of earth.

III. GOOD NEWS FOR HEAVEN FROM EARTH. It gives joy to the home circle to hear that,

1. Sinners are repenting.

2. Saints are running their race with holy diligence.

3. Churches are being built up and the Gospel is spreading.

4. More saints are ripening and going home.

Let us accept the message of love and be happy in the Lord. Let us tell the glad tidings to all around.

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