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72. Enquiries Answered.

What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That the Lord hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it. - Isaiah 14:32.

It is clear that Zion attracts attention. The messengers of the nations inquire concerning her.

The church excites attention by:

· The peculiarity of her people.

· The specialty of her teaching.

· The singularity of her claims.

· The greatness of her privileges.

It is so good a thing to have this attention excited, that one should be ever ready to give an answer, for this is the way by which the truth is spread in the earth.

Oh that all nations would send messengers to inquire concerning our King, and his reign! Perhaps they will when we are what we ought to be, and are ready to answer their inquiries.


They come as the ambassadors from Babylon to see everything.

They ask questions, as did the Queen of Sheba.

Concerning Zion, or the church, they ask:—

1. What is her origin (Ps. 78:68-69)?

2. What is her history (Ps. 87:3)?

3. Who is her King (Ps. 99:2)?

4. What is her charter (Gal. 4:26.)?

5. What are her laws (Ezek. 43:12)?

6. What is her treasure (Ps. 147:12-14; Rev. 21:21)?

7. What is her present security (Ps. 48:13)?

8. What is her future destiny (Ps. 102:16)?

There is nothing about Zion which is unworthy of their inquiry. There is nothing about Zion which is closed against inquiry.


1. Some from mere contempt. "What do these feeble Jews?" They would see the nakedness of the land. Perhaps when they know more their contempt will evaporate.

2. Some from idle curiosity. Yet many who come to us from that poor motive are led to Christ. Zaccheus comes down from his tree as he did not go up.

3. Some from hearty admiration. They inquire, "What is thy Beloved more than another beloved?" They have seen his star, and are come to worship, asking, "Where is he?"

4. Some from a desire to become citizens. How can they be initiated? What is the price of her franchise? What will be required of her burgesses? Is there room for more citizens?

They are wise thus to ask, and count the cost. Men can hardly remain indifferent when the true Church of God is near them: for some reason or another they will inquire.


1. It may silence their cavils.

2. It may win them to God.

3. It will do us good to give a reason for the hope that is in us.

4. It will glorify God to tell of what his grace has done for his church and of what it is prepared to do.

· The answers should be prudently stated to the inquirer.

· They should be clear, bold, truthful, and joyous.

· We should think before we give an answer. "What shall one answer?"

· Our manner in answering should be gracious (1 Pet. 3:15).

· The answer should refer rather to God than to ourselves: it is so in the text now before us.


l. That God is all in all to his church — "The Lord hath."

2. That her origin is from him — "The Lord hath founded Zion?"'

3. That his people are poor in themselves, and rely upon another. It is a city to which the poor flee for refuge, as many fled to the cave of Adullam who were in debt and discontented.

4. That their trust is in the foundation which the Lord hath laid.

5. That we resolve to abide in that trust — "The poor of his people shall trust in it."

If you ungodly ones would only ask the righteous concerning their hope, it would be well.

If you godly ones would tell inquirers your experience, it might do great good. "That we may seek him with thee." (Song of Solomon 6:1).

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