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76. The Life-Look.

Look unto me, and be ye saved all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else. - Isaiah 45:22.

THE nations have been looking to their idols for all these weary centuries, but in vain.

Many of them are looking to their boasted philosophies, and still in vain.

False religions, politics, alliances, theories, organizations, men all will be in vain to save the nations.

They must look to God: the God of all the families of the earth.

Happy are we that we live in a time when God's command to the nations is proclaimed abroad. Be it ours to spread the saving truth, and bid men look and live.

The same principle applies to individuals If they would be saved they must look to the Lord.

If you, oh hearer, would be saved, here is the only method "Look!"


It includes many things; as for instance:

1. Admit his reality by looking to him. Consider that there is a God, and enthrone him in your mind as a real Person, the true God, and your Lord. Let the Invisible God be to you as real as that which you see with your eyes.

2. Address yourself to him by prayer, thanksgiving, thought, obedience, reverence, etc., looking to him so as to know him, and recognize his presence.

3. Acknowledge that from him only salvation can come. Regard him as the only possible Savior. "There is none else."

4. Anticipate that HE will bless you: look for his interposition.

5. Abide alone in HIM for salvation. Keep your eyes fixed on him, as the Morning Star of your day.


For every part of it from beginning to end.

1. Pardon. This must be God's act, and it can only come through the atonement which he has provided in Christ Jesus.

2. Preparation for pardon, namely, life, repentance, faith. Grace must prepare us for more grace.

3. Renewal of heart is the Holy Ghosts work: look to him for it. Regeneration must be of the Lord alone.

4.Sustenance in spiritual life is of the Lord alone. All growth, strength, fruit, must be looked for from him.

5.Daily succor in common things is as much a divine gift as great deliverances. Our look should be constant, and it should comprise expectancy for time as well as eternity. Any one matter left to self would ruin us altogether.


1. His command. He bids us look, and therefore we may look.

2. His promise. He says, "look, and be saved," and he will never run back from his own word.

3. His Godhead. "For I am God." All things are possible to him: his mercy is equal to our salvation, his glory will be manifest thereby.

4. His character, as "a just God and a Savior" (see verse 21). This combination is seen by those who know the cross, and it is full of hope to sinners.

5. His broad invitation: "all the ends of the earth." Each seeking soul may be sure that he is included therein.

Who will refuse so simple an act as to look?


Look now, at this very moment.

1. The command is in the present tense: "Look unto me."

2. The promise is in the same tense: "and be ye saved." It is a fiat, like "light be." It takes immediate effect.

3. Your need of salvation is urgent: you are already lost.

4. The present time is yours, no other time is yours to use; for the past is gone, and the future will be present when it comes.

5. Your time may soon end. Death comes suddenly. Age creeps on us. The longest life is short.

6. It is the time which God chooses: it is ours to accept it.

This is a great soul-saving text: give earnest heed to it.

All who have obeyed it are saved: why should you not at once be saved? This is the one command: "Look! Look!"

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