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85. The Cloud of Doves.

Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?. - Isaiah 60:8.

IN the days when the Lord shall visit his church, multitudes will come to seek him. It is a great blessing when they do so; a matter for admiring praise.

They will come from far to learn of Jesus, flying in a straight line, as pigeons when they return to their homes.

Jesus is the great attraction, and when he is faithfully lifted up, men will hasten to him in flocks, flying like clouds before a gale. Yet will it astonish those who see it, and they will ask questions such as those which follow.


The answers are many and easy.

1. Are not sinners many?

2. Is not Christ's redemption great?

3. Are not his blessings attractive?

4. Shall Satan have the pre-eminence in numbers at the last? We cannot think it will be so.

5. Is not the Spirit of God able to draw many?

6. Is not heaven great, and is there not room for hosts of souls? Naturalists tell us of vast clouds of pigeons in America. Oh, to see such a cloud of converts!


Why are they in such eager haste as to speed like doves when coming homeward to their cotes?

This also is plain.

1. They are in great danger.

2. Their time is very short.

3. They are driven by a great wind. The Spirit, like a heavenly breath, impels souls to seek salvation.

4. They are moved by strong desire: a great hunger is on them to reach their home, where they shall be fed and housed.

Doves fly straight, swiftly, surely. They neither linger nor loiter, but hasten home.

III. WHO ARE THEY THAT THEY SHOULD FLY TOGETHER? They fly in such a flock that they appear like a cloud: why is this?

1. They are all in one common danger.

2. They have no time to quarrel while seeking safety.

3. They have one common object: they seek one Savior.

4. They are wafted by the same heavenly wind. The Spirit works in each according to his own will.

5. They find comfort in each other's society.

6. They hope to live together forever above.


They are doves, and so they come to their usual abodes in the clefts of the rock or to the openings of the dove-house.

1. Seeking safety in Jesus, from the hawks which pursue them.

2. Desiring rest in his love, for they are wearied, and find no other rest for the soles of their feet.

3. Finding a home in his heart. Swallows go to another home in winter, but saints abide in Christ forever.

4. Their companions are there: doves congregate, and so do saved sinners love fellowship with each other.

5. Their young are there. "The swallow hath found a nest for herself, where she may lay her young" (Ps. 84:3). Believers love to have their children housed in Christ.

6. Their food is there. Where else can we find provender?

7. Their all is there. Christ is all.


1. Some are our own children.

2. Some are from the Sabbath-school.

3. Some are old hearers, who were gospel-hardened.

4. Some are quite strangers, outsiders.

5. Some are backsliders returning.

6. Some are those whom we sought in prayer, and personal address.

Dear hearer, are you one of them?

Have you not reason to fly from the wrath to come? Fly first to Jesus, and then without delay hasten to his church.

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