C. H. Spurgeon
Spurgeon Sermon Notes - Index 3
These Notes from Spurgeon, famed for his expository preaching in England at Park St.
and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, are well worth studying, adapting, and making
your own, for any sound preacher of the Gospel. He is deservedly known
to this day as "the Prince of Preachers," and is arguably the greatest
preacher who has lived since New Testament days! - Webmaster
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 Are You Feeding Sheep Or Entertaining Goats? - Spurgeon
 133. Thy Word Suffices Me.  134. A Man Named Matthew.
 135. A Portrait of Jesus.  136. Learn In Private What To Teach In Public.
 137. The Numbered Hairs.  138. Cross-bearing.
 139. Rest for the Restless.  140. Jesus Calling.
 141. The Why And The Wherefore Of Doubt.  142. From Twenty-five to Thirty-five.
 143. Guests for the Wedding Feast.  144. Entrance and Exclusion.
 145. Mocked of the Soldiers.  146. All Hail!
 147. Hearing With Heed.  148. He Ran, and He Ran.
 149. Resistance to Salvation.  150. The Free-agency of Christ.
 151. Feeble Faith Appealing to Strong Savior.  152. The Blind Beggar Of Jericho.
 153. So Near.  154. Gethsemane.
 155. Fountains of Repentant Tears.  156. A Sad Interior And A Cheery Messenger.
 157. Strange Things.  158. At His Feet.
 159. Love's Foremost.  160. A Welcome For Jesus.
 161. Love At Home.  162. The Good Shepherd In Three Positions.
 163. Must He?  164. The Ordained Memorial.
 165. Servus Servorum.  166. Father, Forgive Them.
 167. A Divine Visitation.  168. Our Lord's Attitude in Ascension.
 169. The Baptist's Message.  170. The Israelite Indeed.
 171. Jesus Sitting On The Well.  172. The Source.
 173. Sabbath-work.  174. Where Is He?.
 175. Christ The Cause Of Division.  176. Place For The Word.
 177. True And Not True.  178. The Door.
 179. The Lord In Our Assemblies.  180. Love's Importance.
 181. A Watchword.  182. Behold Your King!
 183. A Handkerchief.  184. Noli Me Tangere.
 185. Signs and Evidences.  186. Faith Without Sight.
 187. Bonds Which Could Not Hold.  188. Life-wounds.
 189. The Golden Muzzle.  190. The Second Time.
 191. Stephen And Saul.  192. To You.
 193. Growing And Prevailing.  194. The Ox And The Goad.
 195. Kindling A Fire.  196. Concerning The Forbearance Of God.
 197. Jesus Our Lord.  198. Dead But Alive.

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