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On Millennial Kingdom and Reign
By C. H. Spurgeon

[from "The Sinner's End" MTP Vol 8, Year 1862, pgs 712-713, Psalms 73:17-18 (age 28)], Spurgeon is discussing the final condition of the sinner. "Let us go on to consider their end. The day of days, that dreadful day has come. The millennial rest is over, the righteous have had their thousand years of glory upon earth."

And in the same volume===

"We have done once for all with the foolish ideas of certain of the early heretics, that Christ's appearance upon earth was but a phantom. We know that he was really, personally, and physically here on earth. But it is not quite so clear to some persons that he is to come really, personally, and literally, the second time. I know there are some who are labouring to get rid of the fact of a personal reign, but as I take it, the coming and the reign are so connected together, that we must have a spiritual coming if we are to have a spiritual reign. Now we believe and hold that Christ shall come a second time suddenly, to raise his saints at the first judgment, and they shall reign with him afterwards. The rest of the dead live not till after the thousand years are finished. Then shall they rise from their tombs at the sounding of the trumpet, and their judgment shall come and they shall receive the deeds which they have done in their bodies." [from "The Two Advents of Christ" MTP Vol 8, Year 1862, pg 39, Hebrews 9:27-28 (age 28)]

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