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Literal Return and Literal Reign of Christ
By C. H. Spurgeon
Taken from "Things to Come," MTP vol. 15,
Year 1869, pg 329, I Cor. 3:22, page 35)

"We are to expect the literal advent of Jesus Christ, for he himself by his angel told us, 'This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven,' WHICH MUST MEAN LITERALLY AND IN PERSON. We expect a reigning Christ on earth; that seems to us to be very plain, and to be put so literally that we dare not spiritualize it.

"We anticipate a first and a second resurrection; a first resurrection of the righteous, and a second resurrection of the ungodly, who shall be judged, condemned, and punished for ever by the sentence of the great King.

"We foresee from the word, despite its obscurity, that strange and wonderful events will happen, such as are depicted by vials, and warriors with avenging swords, and falling stars, and shrivelled sky, and a reeling earth, and I know not what beside; but when we have put all together and have been sore amazed at the visions that flit before us like visions in the night, we rejoice to learn at the end of them all, "All these things are ours, whatever they may be."

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