Bible Stories In Simple English
Stories Were Adapted and Edited In Simple English
From An Antique Book in His Library
By James Dearmore, Missionary

© James Dearmore, July, 1999
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We are inserting photos, mostly of famous art works, in each of the stories for which we can find a photo in the public domain which is
appropriate to all or part of the story. On some of them we have been unable to find one illustration in the public domain, but still
looking. In others, we have found more than one. Enjoy these, and use them as you wish in your Children's Ministry.
Most of these stories now have color art with the story suitable for children, and more coming.
 Adam & Eve, the Fall  Cain And Able, First Murder  Noah and The Flood
 The Tower Of Babel  Lot's Flight From Sodom  Abraham And Isaac
 Rebekah, The Bride For Isaac  Joseph and His Brethren  The Finding Of Baby Moses
 Moses Flight From Egypt  Moses Strikes The Rock  The Ten Commandments
 Bezaleel And Aholiab  The Brazen Serpent  The Passage Over Jordan
 The Captain Of The Lords Host  Jericho Walls Fall Down Flat  Achan's Sin Or Sin In The Camp
 The Altar On Mount Ebal  The Cities Of Refuge  Joshua's Exhortation
 Gideon And The Fleece  The Defeat Of The Midianites  The Death Of Samson
 Ruth And Naomi  Boaz And Ruth  Hannah Praying Before The Lord
 Eli And Samuel  Death Of Eli And His Sons  Playing On The Harp Before Saul
 David Defeats Philistine Giant  Nathan Reproving The King  David And Araunah
 Elijah Fed By Ravens  Ploughing In Canaan  The Shunammite's Son
 Naaman's Healing, The Captive Maid  Jonah At Nineveh  Hezekiah And Sennacherib
 The Brave Hebrew Boys  Daniel In The Den of Lions  Esther Before The King
 David And Jonathan

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