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Notice From Webmaster About Copyrights, Public Domain, Copying, etc.

As you may have noticed, many of the items used on our web pages are what we believe to be "in the public domain". The quotes, poems and stories included in this site are sent to us from various places and are written by various authors. We use Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law to use tiny portions of copyrighted works with proper acknowledgement of the original author, wherever it is known. Whenever possible, we also refer to the publishers of books or major items we use here.

Please refer to the following pages also:

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General Disclaimer on Items Not Written By Pastor Thomas or Webmaster!

Every effort is made to identify the original author and properly attribute all materials which we use on our web sites. When this is not possible, "Author Unknown" is noted or no author is shown. Copyrights of various items have been given to us outright as "exclusive publishing rights," and in some other cases "permission to use" has been given.

If you find something here that is misquoted or attributed to the wrong author, or if you are an author or interested party of any of the written works displayed on this site and wish it to be attributed appropriately or removed, please notify the webmaster and it will be taken care of promptly.

But "what if you find something interesting on the site, maybe a story, devotional, sermon, or item that you really liked and want to share it with somebody else?" It is generally OK for you to do so, as long as you acknowledge the original source of that story. We request you to also kindly include a pointer (URL/address) to our web site, the place where you found that which you deem is worth repeating or using.

Our web sites are all "ministries" (not for profit) of the Webmaster, who is sponsored by Rodgers Baptist Church of Garland, Texas as a missionary, and we try to live up to the highest ethical standards. All are welcome to use any of our materials for MINISTRY PURPOSES ONLY (non-commercial, not for sale). We are asking this of you as a common courtesy, and appreciate your referring back to our web sites with a "hot link" or URL address.

All of our "page layouts or designs" and/or other original materials, as well as those original materials given outright to us by others, are copyrighted, of course, for protection of our own "right to use".

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